Who are we?

We are Draco Studios, a company founded in 2017 by a group of passionate players in Mexico City, devoted to the creation of fictional universes that provide the best experiences to our players throughout Tabletop, Role-playing games, comic books, Wargames, and a supportive community of members and collaborators across the world.


Feel free to join us in any of our adventures as a player, fan or collaborator. Our main goal is for you and your loved ones to enjoy our games and universes as much as we do.


"I enjoy developing the game rules and systems so you can have the best experiences of our products".

Favorite Draco Setting: Eldritch Century.

Favorite Draco Character: Kuxcoatl.

Alastor Guzmán

Lead RPG Designer

Heidi Badillo

Senior Graphic Designer

Meet The Forge

At The Forge we craft our games' resin miniatures and props with the outmost care and love, so that you can get high-quality figurines delivered to you, ready to be played with. 


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