To create products that change the world, we believe in including 




We create stories to bond ourselves with our people.
Through our universes, our characters and even through us,
as a company, everything we do defines who we are.


We are an extreme

detail-oriented company. Be it big or small, everything is carefully thought out because we
seek to impress, because “good enough”

doesn’t cut it.


We seek to create unique and engaging experiences for everyone.
We want to create stories where everyone is welcome. We want to
do the best work of our lives and then share it.



Provide beautiful transmedia
entertainment and engage with our
worldwide community with inspiring
storytelling and immersive gaming.

Become the lead content creator in fantasy and science fiction
interactive Transmedia experiences.
Achieving dominance in tabletop gaming,
collectible, and graphic novel industries
through the engagement of a global
community of prosumers.

Our Motto

As Dracos, our inner fire gives us what it takes to learn, to grow, to try, to fail, to change, to thrive, to succeed; with creative wings we achieve our goals and reach new heights to do the unimaginable.