Dragonbond: Endless Sagas is a 5e compatible fantasy TTRPG
​from ENnie award winning games developers and authors.


Bringing the excitement and peril of the Dragonbond setting to your tabletop like never before. Endless Sagas is packed full of unique magic, fantastical creatures, scheming NPCs, and thrilling adventures.


Dragonbond: Endless Sagas introduces a unique take on dragon companions through the Dragonbonding mechanic, allowing players the excitement of adventuring alongside a dragon, without breaking the balance of the party.


Written by a team of award-winning industry veterans including Sarah Madsen (Wizards of the Coast, Cubicle 7), Brian Suskind (Kobold Press, Wizards of the Coast), and Mark A. Latham (Games Workshop, Modiphius Entertainment), illustrated by Tom Babbey (Wizkids, Paizo), and featuring concept art from veteran artists including Steve Prescott, Daarken, Tyler Warpole, Jason Engle, and many more. 



The RPG core books include three beautifully illustrated hardcover books (approx. 300 pages each), detailing everything you need to know to immerse yourself in the Dragonbond universe.      


  • The Rulebook contains rules for character creation, races, classes, alignment, backgrounds, Vaala magic, feats, spells, equipment, and the dragonbonding. The rules are 5e-compatible, with new twists and additions to better reflect the world of Valerna.

  • The Gazetteer is the ultimate sourcebook for the Dragonbond universe, describing in lavish detail the realms of Valerna, the Hollowdepths (Valerna’s underworld), the red moon of Drakha, the Null, and the history of the Dragonbonded themselves.       

  • The Dragonbond Bestiary is the complete guide to the peoples,  creatures and monsters of the Dragonbond universe, with background information, special rules, and 5e-compatible stat blocks for everything from deadly Skorpikons to majestic Dragons!


Additionally, as a stretch goal for the campaign we will offer the Tyrant of the Cursed Coast, an epic six-book campaign! Each book will be approx. 100 pages, and together will take a party of heroes from levels 1-20, exploring the world of Dragonbond and meeting some of the iconic characters of the Dragonbond setting. In this grand adventure, adventurers have the chance to become Dragonbonded, and shape the fate of entire kingdoms.


A complete TTRPG experience: Dragonbond: Endless Sagas is a fully self-contained set of rules, sourcebooks and adventures.

Expands the suite of Dragonbond products, meaning that you can use miniatures from the wargame, board game, and RPG together to enhance the tabletop experience.

5e compatible – with some tweaks, players may use their existing characters in the Dragonbond setting, or port their Dragonbond characters to an ongoing campaign.




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