Dragonbond is a fantasy world for gaming and storytelling. It features the best trappings of the high fantasy genre - epic adventures, earth-shattering magic, superhuman entities and, of course, several breeds of dragons - in a fully-fleshed campaign setting, complete with a landscape of multi-layered societies and developed politics.

The world of Rhaava was shaped by Primordials. Among them was Kadmos, the first dragon. Kadmos found a way to create offspring, which made the other primordials felt threatened. Kadmos and its dragons were exiled to the Red Moon, getting to travel to Valerna only every 27 years. 

During the early days of Drakha, the Red Moon, the first wyrms all had a similar aspect, but as their world started changing a strange phenomenon started to occur: Their eggs resulted in dragons with unique and very different characteristics to their progeny.  Some of them were feathered, or had scales with strange colours and qualities no one had ever seen, and some others possessed the ability to conjure rare and unknown magic. In the beginning, this was seen as an aberration, and many even decided to kill or eat the variant hatchlings, but as time ran its course they came to be accepted, some even becoming founders of their own broods. 

Great Wyrms of Drakha
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Unleash your Legacy

An Empire of savage debauchery, of ultimate freedom, of unbound trade. A land of great opportunities, where every man and woman can carve their own fortune, selling their body or their blood as they see fit. A country of unlimited pleasures, sensations and luxuries, where clothing and armor are as stunning as the smoke of the factories at dusk. A mighty nation of powerful warlords, against whom none dare raise their hand. A dark realm ruled by a vampire-like elite, under the protection of ruthless blood-drinker generals that ride giant insects into battle. A world of ogres and monsters, of wraiths and ghouls, of charming lovers and unvanquished conquerors.

Well, Tyveria is none of these things. They all have been lying to you. 

Better come yourself, find out the truth. Look into our eyes.

We guarantee you won’t leave. Ever again.



Honor your Dream

The Dragon Kingdom of Allaria is the Golden Jewel of the West; the Greatest Realm of Valerna, whose Qirin riders march with their armor glistening under the sun, and their jian dao swords risen high in glory. Ruled by the women and men of the Al lai, the blessed scions of the first pact between elves and humans, Allaria is the gleaming display of what mortals are capable of when their goals are high and their heart is unwavering.   

Allaria’s covenant with the Golden Dragons of Fulgen has made it the most stable and peaceful of all Realms in Valerna, and its pride and stern laws have made it the strongest. Others may decry Allaria for its strict class differences and its treatment of lower castes, but they don’t have the Kingdom’s gilded streets and silken banners to inspire them every morning, or the favor of a peaceful, witchcraft-free sleep at night.

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The Nahuac Coalition of States is the oldest nation of Valerna, and as such it remembers a time when there were no nations. It remembers a time when all the cities were mountain and all the temples were forest, when woman could speak with jaguar and bird could speak like man. A free alliance of humans and beast-people, Nahuac stands apart, both for its ancient magics and its master-less, cooperative rule. 


The people of Nahuac are direct, honest and stoic like trees, its trees are free to walk the city like people, and its magic is in every staircase and every gate. But it is also in the step of the wolf, in the arrangement of the stars. Náhuinn people respect life, and so they are ready to die at a moment’s notice. They don’t balk at hardship, don’t yield in battle and don’t look away from loss.


Weave a Life Worth Living

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Dragonbond: Battles of Valerna

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