Eldritch Century

It breathes...

In 1918, a mysterious fog known as the Miasma began to spread accross Europe. Eldritch forces became awake, with hideous monsters roaming the lands. Unearthe mysteries from aeons past, brought new technology to the inhabitants of the Wounded Earth, and six powerful factions emerged. Now the tensions in the world are at their peak, with the threat of Miasma always on the horizon. 

High-Quality Resin Monster Miniatures for the universe of Eldritch Century. 

Eldritch Century is fully compatible with 5th edition. The monsters stats, weapons and powers adapt directly. For character creation, the different backgrounds and paths can be used as races and classes for 5e games with no modification. 

The Draco System is based on the 5e ruleset. The core mechanic is: you roll a d20 + modifiers against a Difficulty Class.  You have the same 6 attribute scores and new skills to represent the setting. The three main changes are in the Character creation, called the Exegesis system, how the powers work and the Effort System where every path has access to these slots to fuel their abilities.

Learn more about the RPG Corebook

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