Itza’s Guide to Dragonbonding is the definitive guide to dragons in your 5e games. Including rules for dragon companions, dragon combat and ancient draconic rune magic.


Bond a dragon and discover the thrill of adventuring with a true dragon in your party. One that grows with your characters in size and power. 

Engage in thrilling  aerial combat on dragonback, soaring the skies as you rain dragonfire upon your foes. 

Surprise even veteran gamers with seven all-new dragon broods, unique traits, and unseen lairs.

And master the ancient and powerful Draconic rune magic

What’s included in the book:

  • 3 x New Races

  • 12 x New Subraces for key races

  • 3 x New Classes: Dragon Hunter, Dragon Herald, Vaala Adept

  • 8 x Subclasses 

  • Rules for bonding, and adventuring with one or more dragons in your party

  • Rules for fighting alongside dragons including aerial combat

  • Rules for fighting against dragons

  • Two new magic systems

  • 50+ new monsters

  • Encounter generator

  • 6 new dragon broods and their associated stats

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We are looking for players who want to join our Dragonbond TableTop Role-playing game open beta. You don't need to have playtesting experience, but you do need to be enthusiastic about Dragonbond and keen to join in and play new quests every month.There are many, many perks to joining:

  • Automatic entry into giveaways. We will give away one great prize for each round of feedback - chosen at random from those providing feedback. 

  • Your feedback will help shape the final product, and your name will be in the printed book credits! 

  • Be part of a community sharing experiences and feedback for a brand new product.

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How do I join the Playtest?

Simply download the playtest material from this link. You will be asked to provide an email address so we can send you updates for the playtest as things progress.

Where do I give my feedback?

The feedback form for the current playtest pack is here. It’s an online form so all you need to do is type in your feedback and press submit! You can also find the form in the back of the playtest pack so you know in advance what feedback we are looking for.

What is Dragonbond: Endless Sagas?

Dragonbond: Endless Sagas is a collection of role-playing books exploring the vast and exciting Dragonbond fantasy setting. Here are just some of the reasons we are so excited about it.

  • You can adventure with a fully realized dragon in your party. One that grows with your character with our new Dragonbonding rules.

  • Enhance your 5e spells with the complimentary wonders of the Vaala magic system.

  • Discover enhanced character creation, compatible with new and upcoming 5e rules, with 10 new ancestries, 40 new subclasses and 2 new classes.

  • Add culture and organizations to your character creation, making your character’s story an ongoing part of your game.

  • Challenge over 300 new 5e monsters from flying axolotls to colossal ice titans!

  • Explore the massive world of Valerna, a rich non-Eurocentric fantasy world full of stories, mysteries and the intrigue of fascinating realms, where conflict and change create cultures like nothing you’ve seen before. A world with no gods, whose mythology is only just beginning, a world whose story your own sagas will shape.

How often will you release playtest packs?

There’s no exact timeline for the release of new playtest package but you can expect new content dropping roughly every month.

Where can I get more information?

You can join one of our playtest communities, either on discord, or our facebook group. If you have specific questions not covered here drop Moy an email on moises@dracostudios.com

I participated in the Open Beta
what happens to my points?

Don’t worry! For every 10 points earned in our previous Open Beta, you will get an extra entry for each giveaway in our current format.