100% funded! Why you should be excited about stretch goals

WOW! We are funded already?

THANK YOU SO MUCH for joining early and funding this game in just 6 hours! You all are an amazing community of Dragonbonded backers! The proportion of returning backers and new backers is about 50/50 and we are extremely happy about it. It means that those of you familiar with Dragonbond are enjoying its development, and it also means that the Dragonbond community is growing! Thank you! We are eager to learn more about you! Please tell us in the comments what's the most fascinating thing that you find in Dragonbond Lords of Vaala? You may find this game inspiring. For us, your support is inspiring, so let's talk a little bit about Dragonbond before learning more about the stretch goals planned... Dragonbond is more than a board game. It is more than the sum of all previous (and future) releases of miniatures, novels, RPG adventures, 3D printable war game... Dragonbond has been the day to day for so many members here at Draco Studios, River Horse, and all the artists giving life to the lore with a vast amount of illustrations and sculpts for this universe. It is VERY fulfilling to see Dragonbond grow. With all conviction I can say that is even more fulfilling to share our work with you and realizing you like Dragonbond as much as we do! It's hard to put it in words but if I need to write it down, I would say that Dragonbond is the embodiment of our desire to create the work of our lives; a transcendent setting where a million stories dwell. Think about your favorite saga, —a movie franchise, a novel series, a gaming universe. The feeling of discovering more about the world and its characters, the endless possibilities of stories taking place. That's what we want Dragonbond to become. And fortunately, Dragonbond has 3 years already in the making; with a vast lore guide, concept art from veteran artists, and scripts/novels in the works. Welcome to Dragonbond, we are delighted to have you here, joining us in this journey. We promise you that you will enjoy Lords of Vaala and the intriguing world we are creating with Dragonbond.

—William and everyone at Draco Studios

Now that we are funded, let's stretch this game and include more gameplay content, miniatures and other upgrades for your rewards.

That's right! That's how much we want to share all of Dragonbond with you. Our stretch goal plan offers more gameplay content and cosmetic upgrades for Lords of Vaala, including new generals to play with and more mini-expansions, but if the campaign reaches our highest expectations, you will get 2 games for the price of one! The cosmetic expansion box of Armies of Blood & Dreams will become a starter box of what's been called Battles of Valerna, the beta release of a Dragonbond wargame. (It will still serve as a cosmetic expansion).

So instead of buckling up, let's run to EVERY FACEBOOK GROUP OR GAMING FORUM and share about what you like the most in Lords of Vaala! We are doing our job promoting this campaign in multiple sites to get the exposure, but the most effective one is the word of mouth from backers, (promotion from creators is biased). So please help us spread the word and let's unlock every stretch goal planned!

Here's something fresh from the oven we wanted to share with you and could be a great conversation starter in forums. The painted Fai Hydra included in the Creatures of Valerna expansion:

Concept by Steve Prescott, sculpted by Thierry Avelange, painted by MIMI painting studio.

Concept by Steve Prescott, sculpted by Thierry Avelange, painted by MIMI painting studio.

The realm of Allaria was born from an alliance between small, post-Altanesi human states, and the elven Ellari Kingdoms of the Westerlands. Tradition records that they joined forces to defeat a legendary hydra, which became the national coat of arms. —— This will be a very fun and exciting campaign and we plan to stay in touch with you with a lot to share.

Starting tomorrow at 9:00am CT (7:00 am PT) you can join us with the River Horse team in a live game demo to play with the characters included in Legends of Valerna, the Kadhah and the Fell Knight.

You can tune in here

That's all for now, but we will be in touch soon! Thanks again for sharing the excitement of Lords of Vaala with us.

—Let's soar higher with dragons!

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