A tale from the fog

Welcome back, agents

We sincerely hope you are enjoying our products. And today, we want to hear from you. We also have a surprise ahead.

How is your adventure going? Are you running an original adventure or something you cooked up? Have any of your agents succumbed to the miasma’s corruption? Are you printing things out?

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Today we bring you more samples, this time from our anthology “Tales from the Fog.” This collection brings together short tales as told by all sorts of people from the Wounded Earth. They explore real life outside the miasma and missions undertaken by agents from our factions.

Tales from the Fog is available in retail as a digital publishing, but we wanted to give you a good look at what to expect. We are giving away a copy of Aaron Rosenberg’s “Chasing the Light,” which follows a Renascent party in the miasma and the challenges that await them. It explores their dynamics, expectations and All you have to do is subscribe to our newsletter here , and you will receive instructions for download.