Advance Mass Production copy of the book on its way!

Hello Dragonbonded!

We have a very short update, but an important one nonetheless. Let's commence!

The advance mass production copy from the Great Wyrms of Drakha book was sent from Panda and we will be receiving it by next week, around Thursday. It should be ready and with us by the end of this week! This is the last check for the book prior to packing for freight shipping.

Also, Kickstarter's bug played against us and the previous update went through without the photo of the dragons —please forgive the low resolution, as soon as we have the mass-production copies in our hands we will share more pictures and videos from them. The factory indicates that the molds will be finished by the end of August.

And as revealed before... we are including an extra set of alternate parts with combat battle scars (head & 1 limb) as an extra thank you for your support!

Regarding the STL for the dragons lairs:

We are close to fulfilling Aureus' lair by the weekend. You should receive an email via MyMiniFactory to redeem your lair. Take a look at the Golden city plaza. This one is highly modular so you can assemble different configurations for your other RPG campaigns, even with other settings, although they have very cool details from the Golden city such as a statue of Aureus himself with a stone texture.

Sculpted by Daniel Ehrli

Additionally, Rawraxxa's lair should be ready in the coming weeks. Here's a preview of some of the tiles. What do you think?

Sculpted by BlackMagicPixels

A friendly reminder in case you can't locate your PDF file of Great Wyrms of Drakha or other digital rewards, just send an email to with the subject "Missing GWoD digital rewards" and we will swiftly follow up from there.

Dragonbond Lords of Vaala - launching on Monday

Keep exploring the ever-expanding world of Dragonbond. This time, find the battles and conflicts that make up Valerna, a continent raided by the offspring of the great wyrms.

Lords of Vaala, our incoming asymmetric tactical board game, is about to become real.

Raid as a dragon or raise armies as a general, destroy your enemies, and cast mighty spells, all to collect power. Once you have collected 10 power tokens, you win the game immediately. Dragons and generals play entirely different in strategy and actions. And all characters in the game have a unique deck of spells.

Join 2500+ people already following the project for launch and be notified when the campaign goes live by clicking the button you can find on this link!

As a returning backer you will receive a free add-on (extra dice set, large rubber mat or card sleeves) and you can get advantage of the Kickstarter deal: a copy of the game and a free cosmetic expansion with more miniatures for just $49. Plus 3 exclusive promo cards for all backers.

Dragonbond: Lords of Vaala will launch on Monday 2nd!

Get notified on launch!

That's it for us today. Tell us your stories fighting these amazing creatures. Show us your pictures, your dragons, your gaming table, everything. You can find us on most social media, and you can always join our Discord Server where you can be in touch with our team in real time!

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