Announcing Lords of Vaala

Updated: Jul 31, 2021

We are hugely excited to be launching our newest Kickstarter, Dragonbond: Lords of Vaala. For the past year we have been sculpting, paining, playtesting and playtesting again to create a game that brings the spirit of our Dragonbond universe to life!

To ensure that this game was incredible as we anticipated we brought in some heavy weight veteran names from the gaming industry. Alessio Cavatore and his team from Riverhorse agreed to develop the game, and some incredible artists came on board including Tom Babbey and Steve Prescott.

We asked Alessio to describe the game in his own words:

“It’s a strategy board game for one to four players, where you’re fighting across the continent of Valerna, trying to accumulate as much Valaa magical energy as possible - the player that gets to 10 points of power wins the game. Through extensive playtest, we fine-tuned Lords of Vaala to be very balanced, often ending up with very close-fought games leading to nail-biting game-ends.

The game has a couple of very interesting features, as the four playable factions are of two very different and very asymmetric types.

For a start, you can play as a general, controlling the forces of Tyveria or Allaria, intent on conquering more land and building cities and vaster armies to defend your growing empire and destroy the opposition. Alternatively, you can play as either of the two mightiest dragons to descend on the world of Rhaava - Fulgen or Magnifex. Yes, you got that right, you can play as a rampaging dragon! Differently from generals and their armies, the dragons can Harvest Vaala either from the lands of Valerna, or from devouring the armies of their enemies. These two different types of faction make for a very varied gameplay experience, greatly increasing replayability.

Another interesting and unique feature is the brand-iconic Dragonbond mechanic. When a general and a dragon interact, the spark of the Dragonbond might be triggered and the two might become one - the two factions become one, sharing both the boons of their triumphs and the vagaries of their defeats. It is both a very characterful theme to the setting of Dragonbond, and a fun, game-twisting rule, which might alter the strategy and balance of the game in mid-play, requiring some quick-thinking on the part of the players.

To complete the offer, Lords of Vaala provides you with an AI script for each of the factions, so that it works with any number of players, from solitaire to four players. We found very intriguing the choices available for a two-player game, ranging from two human-controlled generals dealing with two AI dragons, to the more bizarre two human-controlled dragons facing off against AI generals, to the extremely asymmetric mix where each player controls a different type of faction… have I already mentioned the great replayability?!”

The beautifully designed box – we just love the dragon artwork – contains a host of goodies. First up are four large incredible miniatures which are beautifully sculpted. There is a miniature for each player so this means two generals and two dragons, and, the base pledge of only $49 includes an additional expansion with twelve more miniatures to really enhance the game.

If you haven’t already then check it out on Kickstarter here.

As always we are nothing without our loyal fans, backers and community and we thank you for helping us to bring our Dragonbond dreams to life.

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