Castle of Lost Dreams

This adventure takes place over four main locations. In Tyveria, the adventurers can arrive at the town of Dara Urelis as the beginning of their campaign or as part of an ongoing one. They can use their time exploring the town and its surroundings, but will eventually hear the call to action and meet with Lady Hamadis. She will explain the situation and offer the quest to them.

There is a chance that players will also have to perform a small test alongside a band of rogues to ensure that they are trustworthy and up for the task. They can still take this optional test if they want to make a stop for better gear, because Hamadis doesn’t offer an advance. The players may recruit an ally during this mission that will really help throughout their mission.

Once they have succeeded in the test, they can take on the quest. Hamadis will explain that she can’t openly use the borders for this. Allaria is too much on the lookout for Tyverian intervention and crossing will take ages. She will suggest that the adventurers go to Nahuac instead. In this chapter, the characters will travel to a town in the Nahuwoods across the river from the Fai Woods in Allaria. Tlapehuainn, the town in question, is not only a land just as open as Dara Urelis to adventurers, but rumors go about of a tunnel that can take countless warriors into Allaria. Why they have never used it for their war efforts is beyond Hamadis. Perhaps not everybody knows as much as her.

During their time in Tlapehuainn, the adventurers will learn of the town’s history and can learn about a tree-creature near the river, which may be or may be not making people disappear. The creature in turn is a deep elf by the name of Saynu. Saynu will show the tunnel to the characters after ample warnings of the nature of this pass. She will also ask the characters for help. Her weapons were stolen by a local band who lives near Tlapehuainn.

If the characters bring back her weapons, she may even join them in their travels. And they will need her to. The Hollowdepths section sees the characters traverse the twisting, impossibly dark tunnels that make up the Hollowdepths.

It is a near surface trip, so it shouldn’t be too terrible. And then it becomes so. A Waada has learned of their intrusion and will make every attempt to turn our heroes into thoughtless—the Waada’s mental slaves. The characters will find a group of Tlapehuainn locals who became trapped by the Waada’s power. They can help them return home for close to no reward other than weakening their foe. Having successfully completed their trip, the characters will arrive at the Fai Woods and Allaria. In this chapter, they will explore the dream-like land that hides in the forest. Following the trail and the information on the dreams given by Hamadis’ spies—who they can meet in Tlapehuainn—, they will find the Knight of Diamonds’ shrine. In this stage, the characters will fight a Fai Hydra for the elf’s dreams. The knight of Diamonds, who has known of their intrusion since they entered his domain, will face them as they exit. He will bargain with the characters, and their decision will shape the future of Valerna

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