Transmission Thursday:Digital reward

As the year —finally— comes to a close, we have some news for you.

Welcome back, Agents

As the year —finally— comes to a close, we have some news for you.

The Book

The digital fulfilment of our campaign is almost ready. There are two books, each with three hundred (300) pages coming your way with some excellent pieces of art in full color. Each book in a little less of 100 Megabyte file so that you can start enjoying our world and going in terrible, sanity-defying adventures.

As for the rest of the book, we’re happy to announce that our team has fixed a few issues that arrived on Monday from our manufacturing partners at Panda during file verification on digital proofs.

Additional rewards

Regarding our stretch goals, Minerva HQ, straight from Iceland, has revealed new information. For one, strange signals have been picked up leaving the Lost Continent. We need brave recruits to explore and report back. We have no knowledge of any faction entering lately and the last thing we need is to be out of the loop. The Minerva Initiative Adventure is well underway. Our first draft should be ready soon, which will lead to a round of heavy and healthy feedback, along with the construction of more high-quality artwork.

Recruitment is a stressful moment for those picked out by the Owls. It takes great challenge, and few people make it through, let alone agree to carry on the increasingly difficult missions given by our organization. One such account is still in study. Our Minerva Comic is halfway through coloring and look amazing. Lettering should be starting soon. In the meantime, here’s more sneak peeks at the progress

Eldritch Century is far from over

Part of our responsibility, if we ever are to stop the fog in its tracks, is to study our Wounded Earth. Thus, we’re working on 3D printable files of the monsters that plague the Lost Continent, along with deep study of the factions and their agents. A new Eldritch Century STL Kickstarter campaign is coming up through LAIR. Keep an eye out for news in our social media and our Discord server.

The pledge will reward you with STL files, along with two all new stories set in our world. First, an anthology of thrilling short stories told from the perspective of members of our different factions. Second, a novel that explores the dark, terrible secrets behind one of the more mysterious characters of the Atlantean Alliance.

We will keep you posted about news for this new adventure.


Until next Transmission Thursday

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