Eldritch Century 100% Fullfilled

Welcome back, agents!

It has been a bit, but we have happy news!

Our pledge manager is closing up soon, so make sure you check that your pledge has every reward you want accounted for! This is your last chance to upgrade your pledge. Remember, everything will become available in LAIR eventually, but this is your chance to get them first.

All rewards fulfilled!

We are delighted to announce that some weeks ago, we uploaded the pending PDFs for the stories and with that, this campaign is entirely fulfilled!

Thank you all so much for your support and patience!

Dossiers (Starter Set), The Darkest Hour (Digital Adventure), Tales from the Fog (Anthology) and The Depths (novel) has been uploaded in PDF format.

We will be uploading the ePub format for Tales from the Fog & The Depths soon in case you prefer reading in that format rather than the PDF.

The Azure Owl Graphic Novel has also been uploaded in PDF and CBR!

Our stories have been edited, rewritten, tossed, recovered, lost in the miasma, recovered, transformed into a single monster, fought, recovered, rewritten again and should be in your MyMiniFactory accounts if you added them to your pledge.

Please remember to let us know if you have any issues with your rewards through email at support@lair.store

Numenera STLs last 24hrs

We have been working with Monte Cook Games for a few months now to create the official STLs for Numenera: the Ninth World. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the setting, it is a science-fantasy game that takes place billions of years after our time. The world has gone through eight different eras and the people of the ninth world now scour the earth looking for cyphers and artifacts left behind by the worlds before them.

We launched a new campaign alongside Monte Cook to release new, honestly gorgeous Numenera sculpts for you to print at home.

For our returning backers we have a discount code: DRACO10LAIR

This time the campaign was launched through MyMiniFactory and the files from the core packs can be instantly downloaded after pledging: https://mmf.io/lairnumeneracfxex

We already unlocked stretch goals and you can get 40 models from Numenera. We hope you can join us in the last hours of this campaign!

Click to visit campaign


Thanks again for all your trust and support! We look forward to seeing your prints or hearing your stories discovering Eldritch Century, feel free to join into our Discord server. We will certainly keep you posted about new Eldritch Century adventures.

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