End of campaign - Nahuac and Ysval will join the Battles of Valerna!

Dragonbonded, that is that!

From everyone in the team here at Draco Studios and Lair: Thank you all so much for your support!!

The Battles of Valerna will be a massive event, the peoples are ready to defend their ideas and to pursue their agendas. We are truly excited to see what you will do with your minis, so please remember to show us your work in social media and our Discord server.

We came just shy of unlocking new units for the armies, but that's fine. Remember that everything we wanted to showcase in this campaign will be released in the future so you can enjoy expanding your favorite armies!

  • 513 Backers

  • 31,118 USD Pledged

  • 9 Stretch Goals

  • 1 Community Goal unlocked. We did unlock the pets!

Final design still in progress

Though the campaign is over, one of our Community Goals will remain open. Show us pictures of your printed free sample Bendavee Protector to complete the challenge! We will close the gate when our pledge manager goes live. Keep posting your pictures of the print and tag us!

Click here to get your free sample!

What's next?

For one, all pledges will be collected by Kickstarter and will transfer the funds to us in 14 days.

Unfortunately, if your pledge is marked as errored, we have no control to fix it; if your payment has any issues, get in touch with your banking institution or with support@kickstarter.com ; you still have 7 days to fix any errored pledge.

But don't worry too much if the error persists, late pledges and even single models will be available on our pledge manager through MyMiniFactory. Which we will start setting up now.

Our updates will move to a more month-to-month basis unless any relevant news comes first.

What's next for Dragonbond? Monthly releases

coming soon!

Battles of Valerna is one more stage in our Dragonbond project. This is a world of adventure and magic that takes the shape of a role-playing game, a board game in the works, this amazing wargame, and a series of stories in varying formats that will flesh out Valerna and the many dangers around, above in the Red Moon... or below in the Hollowdepths.

While our monthly releases will cover many aspects of the Dragonbond universe, we will focus a little bit more in the Hollowdepths, where demons, known as Daimos, reign.

Of course, when this goes live, you will be the first to know and we will offer an early bird tier so you can get the most benefit!

Projects like these are only possible thanks to you. Having you in the conversation and seeing how passionate everyone is about our world keeps the gears going. From artists, sculptors, writers and designers, administrators and directives, once more: thank you.

And what's next for LAIR? Numenera 3D printable models

Monte Cook and LAIR are bringing more minis your way. Discover the Ninth World and the many secrets left behind by the worlds before. This upcoming campaign is an excellent way to bring your favorite creatures and playable characters from this awesome science-fantasy setting into your gaming table. Our base rewards will be a set of 20 STLs along with a set of Stretch Goals decided by you! You can read more about this dynamic when we launch during April. Whether you are a veteran fan of Numenera or are just discovering the world, now is your chance to take a deep dive. Find more info here!


Stay in touch with us!

Even if this campaign has ended, we love hearing from you in the Kickstarter comments or in social media. You can find us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Make sure you join our Discord community, where you can not only keep in touch with like minds in the community but also with members of the team. We also built a Gather space where you can take a look at our projects and learn more about our work.

The War for Valerna is far from over.

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