End of year status report 2020 - Draco Studios

There's no doubt that this year kept rolling one and one! But, as the 2020 comes to an end we want to thank you all for staying with us! You showed us how to stay together even in the hardest times and we just want to say THANK YOU!

We celebrate together the achievements as they belong to all of you and for you we keep giving our best every day!

We have been working VERY hard all year long to achieve top quality standards in our products, and even though we faced some delays in many Kickstarter fulfillments (even more with the challenges presented this year), we can assure you it will be worth the wait.

Eldritch Century: Chronicles of the Wounded Earth (Expeditions & Almanac) were digitally fulfilled via LAIR and we will receive the pre-production copies next week. Get the books here!

On January 5th, LAIR will release new 3D-printable models for Eldritch Century!

Our chickens are traveling through the world now and fulfillment is almost finished.

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We know these times are hard to gather together and play, so we set it up in

Tabletop Simulator!

Dragons of the Red Moon wave 2 was fulfilled in the US. International orders faced some additional delays due to the Holiday season and they are still on transit. Wave 3 fulfillment will begin in late January.

Our 3D printable wargame is 2 models away to be 100% fulfilled! You can play the games

on Tabletopiaand Tabletop Simulator. Pre-supported models from the core armies

are almost done. Get the models here

Dodos Riding Dinos is still in pre-production and we expect to get the pre-production copy in January. The game has been praised by reviewers in their top Kickstarter game reviews.

Pre-order here!

Great Wyrms of Drakha will be opening its pledge manager in January and you can join pre-orders. We are still in development stage with art, writing and editing taking place.

Legendary Dragons 3D had its core rewards and stretch goals fulfilled already. Only the Airship model (by Arcane Minis) is pending and expected to be fulfilled in Q1 of the next year.

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Stay in touch with us!

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Coming soon in 2021

We are thrilled to announce that our LAIR division was granted the license by Monte Cook Games to create 3D models based in the Ninth World, Numenera! Here's the official announcement in our blog!

Our team at LAIR will launch this Kickstarter campaign in April 2021. Numenera’s aesthetics are incredibly vast and we will make our best to make justice to them in our 3D printable miniatures so you can bring the Ninth World to your table like never before!

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But before tackling Numenera 3D, and as mentioned earlier, LAIR will launch a new campaign for new 3D models of Eldritch Century, our sci-fi/horror alternate history Earth.

This project will be live on Kickstarter in January 5th. You can read the full announcement here.

Chickens! Dodos! What's next for the games of Creature Kingdoms? Kiwi! We are partnering once again with Detestable Games and Gnomosapiens to develop the third game from the Creature Kingdoms universe:

Kiwi Chow-Down!

Early in 2021, the same team that developed Dodos Riding Dinos will be working on this game. With all three games, you will be able to merge some of the components into a fourth gaming experience. Kiwi Chow-Down is an area control game where you try to place your Kiwi in the best spots to eat Kiwi fruit and grow. While moving in the island, you can push smaller Kiwi. We are currently working in the concept art, game design and while this game is not intended to be set or get inspiration from places and cultures of our real world, we are having cultural consultancy sessions with MW Consultancy to make sure the new game is respectful for everyon