End of year status report 2020 - LAIR

2020 has been a very tough year, for the most part, it taught us how to stay close with our loved ones while being physically apart, but in addition to the challenges presented worldwide, it had its bright spots.

Thanks to you LAIR came to life and while we are still miles away from the final product we want it to be, we just can't thank you enough for being with us in every step we take!

We celebrate together the achievements as they belong to all of you and, even though it is a small milestone for what we are planning, we keep giving our best to offer you a great experience!

Lets see the highlights of the year:

We had great moments together with our first Kickstarter campaign Legendary Dragons 3D Printable Files with more than 35 models created for the original RPG title from JetPack7 and more than 3000+ backers; the campaign rewards were fulfilled this same year. The Dragon Hunting pack, an add-on we introduced in the pledge manager, was partially fulfilled just yesterday, with the crew STL files and the RPG PDF supplement already in the libraries from backers who included that add-on; the Airship, which is being sculpted by our partners from Arcane Minis, is currently being sculpted by them and we expect it to be ready early next year!

In August we released the first wave of models for Dragonbond: Battles of Valerna - Tyveria & Allaria a fully 3D-printable wargame based in the universe of Dragonbond from Draco Studios (our parent company), having more than 1,000 backers and having everything fulfilled via LAIR!

The Dragonbond Wargame is also available on TableTop Simulator and Tabletopia in case you want to try it.

Pre-supported files for Dragonbond: Battles of Valerna are almost completed and will be available in your LAIR library very soon. Early next year we will complete pre-supported files for Legendary Dragons and Dragons of the Red Moon.


This year we sculpted over 241 models for current and future projects, we activated 3000+ accounts in Lair, fulfilled STL files for 4 different projects (Dodos Riding Dinos, Legendary Dragons, Eldritch Century and Battles of Valerna) and since we all belong together, we just opened our store in My Mini Factory! You can find individual models from Dragonbond, Dragons of the Red Moon, and Legendary Dragons, and the usual bundles for Dodos Riding Dinos and War for Chicken Island.

My Mini Factory Store What's next?

Starting in January 5th we will have an Eldritch Century campaign with new 3D printable models from this horror alternate-history Earth.

Print your favorite faction and face the nightmares hiding in the lost continent. Do you have what it takes to enter the Miasma and survive?

Announcing Numenera 3D

We are overjoyed to be working on such an amazing universe, bringing the amazing artwork that Numenera has and transform it into 3d printable creatures and characters, that will allow you to bring the fantastic sci-fantasy world to your table like never before. We want to share our happiness with you and invite you to join us for this quite epic adventure, we hope this makes you as happy as it makes us.

Read more The war continues!

The wargame Battles of Valerna will come back with 2 new armies ready to fight, Nahuac and Ysval. Join Erandi, Tetz, Oryan, Rakzor, and unique units from each realm in this new battle and discover more about Dragonbond!

We always love giving a sneak peek of what is coming!

We have BIG plans for Dragonbond next year. We hope you can join us on the new adventures.

Below you can see some sneak peeks of the Bendave Protector from the Nahuac army and the Pints from the Ysval army sculpted by Valerio Carbone and Roberto Chaudon, respectively.

Share your prints with us!

If you have already been printing some of our models or you are looking for recommendations, JOIN US in our Discord server or tag us on Facebook - LAIR 3D and share your creations with us!

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