Everything Fulfilled! 100% pre-supported files

Hello Dragonbonded!

It has been a long, not that long, journey together and we are so happy to say today that everything has been successfully fulfilled!

You should be able to find in your Lair's libraries all files pre-supported, including the Dragonriding Generals Elyse and Adrael, with Ferellon and Nagasha.

Ferellon and Elyse by Christopher
Nagasha and Adrael by Christopher

We can't thank you enough for all your patience, support, feedback and sharing your prints with us!! We are working hard with River Horse to deliver an amazing fantasy wargame that we are sure you are gonna love and we will be excited to support your favorite realms and introduce new ones.

Here's a photo of Riverhorse playtesting the wargame:

The story continues and the wait is coming to an end for the 3rd and 4th armies! On early March we will be launching YSVAL & NAHUAC and we are sure you are going to love the new models!

Minis painted by MIMI Painting Studio

We know some backers were waiting for the pledgemanager in this campaign, and we have had some setbacks with LAIR working as pledge manager, so for the new campaign we will be working with MyMiniFactory as pledge manager. If you were waiting for the pledge manager in this campaign to upgrade your pledge, please get in touch with us at kickstarter@lair.store and let us know your preferred tier, we will work with PayPal to sort payment and grant you access to the files.

In the new campaign, there will be some exciting loyalty rewards for returning backers, considering you already have new units in your armies... a couple of alternate captains will be revealed!

And that's not all! Soon we will be launching a subscription model for monthly releases of Dragonbond! And because we value our backers the most, we will definitely offer a limited early bird tier so you can get the best deal!

We are preparing some incredible models for the monthly releases... stay tuned for more news!

From everyone at LAIR and Draco Studios, we want to thank you once again for your trust and support by joining us in this campaign! We hope you to see you in next Kickstarter!

We will stay in touch for playtesting the wargame and for the new armies release.

War has started in Valerna, the battles are yours to fight!

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