Exploring The Depths

Welcome, agents

How is the miasma treating you? How many times has your party been torn apart by the corruption?

Eldritch Century is a vast universe for which we have many plans. Among the products that are now available for digital retail, is the first ever Eldritch Century novel The Depths. The story follows Héctor Ingram, a rather obsessive private investigator from the Atlantean Alliance. Héctor is a survivor of a Miasmic burst, where he met a member of the Torres de Rivera family. As time moved on, he became closer to them, but lately things have been strange with Don Pedro.

The novel explores daily life in the Atlantean Alliance during the sixties. It has been years since the last miasmic expansion and things seem to have reached a new lull. The papers call it a new peace, but everybody knows that since the Great War, peace no longer exists. Not really.

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