Final week and new unlocks!

Updated: Sep 3

i dragonbonded,

It has been a while since our last update but this one will make your wait worthwhile. There's so much to talk about before entering into the last 48hrs of the campaign (tomorrow). Here's the list for your convenience:

  • Midstep unlock: 36 unit miniatures to replace all cardboard units

  • New unlocked generals: Eldai Alarn (Allaria) and Baryen (Tyveria)

  • Component upgrades: Linen finish (since day 1) and thicker player boards (coming soon)

  • New upcoming add-on: Dragon Broods and Realms expansion

  • New available add-on: Big Box of Holding + deluxe tokens (including miniatures to replace neutral units)

  • New available add-on: PnP / STL files for expansions

  • New add-on upgrade: Double-sided Rubber mat (oversized)

  • Expansions for upcoming years: Realms of Valerna (unique plastic city tokens + abilities)

  • About the Solo Mode

  • About the free Wargame starter

  • Let Dragons reign on Kickstarter! Shoutout to another Dragon game we love.

Let's get started!

Whether you plan to use the cardboard tokens or the miniatures for your units, it is important that you are certain you won't need to mix them. We are sure that you will unlock the $200.000 stretch goal to add printed cards, rules and tokens to Armies of Blood & Dreams, but we decided to unlock the extra minis in advance for the 48-hr-left reminder. You have been amazing and very enthusiast in the comments, so we are delighted to announce your pledge (tier $49 and higher) now includes 36 unit miniatures (6 of each type); keep reading below to learn how to upgrade your neutral units into new miniatures!

This free expansion also includes 2 alternate generals that you unlocked in the past stretch goals. The miniatures in the graphics are placeholders for a Qirin Fai Hunter (Eldai Alarn), and a blooded gladiator (Baryen).

Eldai Alarn of Fionn – Allarian alternate general

Once a Fai Hunter himself, and soon honored as Alarn or “True Warden,” Eldai of Fionn is a loyal qirin warden general. Eldai is a loyal representative of Allaria, and his down-to-business attitude makes him a military mastermind to keep an eye out for.

As the other Allarian generals, Eldai's vaala cards offer a certain degree of crowd control but rather than mobility (Elyse) or manipulation (Onatella), Eldai has some Vaala cards that exalt its Qirin Fai Hunter tracking skills on the board while others get ahead of his opponents' tactis. Here are a couple of examples of his Vaala cards:

Master Hunter - Cost: 2 Power

Destroy a creature or up to three neutral units in regions adjacent to your general.

Mystic Tracking - Cost: 1 Power

Without changing their order, look at the remaining cards of the action stack.

After dragonbonding, Eldai and his bonded dragon may draw some Vaala cards and replenish some spent power tokens in their Power track.

Sculpt in progress (minor adjustments and scenic base missing)

Baryen, the Blooded Scar – Tyverian alternate general

One of the most celebrated gladiators of his time, Baryen, The People's Champion, still has a debt to pay off to the imperial house. His natural savy of combat and his hurry to return home to Ysval make every step he takes, just as important as the last one.

Similarly to other Tyverian generlas, Baryen has some very offensive vaala cards, but this character is all about physical combat instead of blood sorcery (Adrael) or alchemy traps (Sagriv). Some of his vaala cards include:

Inspired charge - Cost: 2 Power

[Attack glyph] Resolve this card as an action card.

Martial prowess - Cost: 2 Power

Place this card in front of you. Until the end of the round, gain +1 combat value in regions containing your general.

In addition, once dragonbonded, whenever Baryen destroys units on the board, those are added to his bonded dragon's essence track.

Work in progress. Concept design not final.

Are you most excited to play as Eldai Alarn or as Baryen? Let us know in the comments!

We aim for the highest quality, and we want you to remember it. Since day-1, our cards have been considered with linen finish but we want to remind you (and new backers) about it. We are also looking at upgrading the player boards to a thicker cardstock. Double layered cardboard is not an option because of the added extra weight and height to the base game; also because if you choose to use deluxe components such as miniatures for the units or the upcoming deluxe wooden tokens, the shapes to fit them will not be the same. But we understand the need to have thicker player boards and our factory has already sent another suggestion for materials.

The most popular add-on in the poll was the new dragon broods and realms.

We are sooooo excited about the possibility of making these a reality now, in this campaign, rather than on 2022/2023. But in order to accelerate development for this one, we need extra funds to complete development —32 art pieces, 4 resculpts (epic poses and scenic base), game design, editing, graphic layout (66 cards) and tooling. We are eager to share more about Dragonbond with you!

Let's spread the word to have a huge conversion in the final 48-hours and unlock this add-on! Here are the only 2 art pieces we created for this, which were created earlier to set the tone for each dragon brood's illustrations:

Rakzor from the Exxor brood, and Tetzcoatl from the Coatl brood.

And yes, we know you are wondering about the miniatures for the troops of these new realms. We are currently exploring our options to make Armies of Nature & Light a reality if the new realms and broods are unlocked!

And speaking about add-ons:

Results from the latest poll.

Thank you for taking the time to answer and letting us know what you would like to see in the campaign! The most popular add-on was the expansion for the new realms and broods (see above). The add-ons with a big box of holding were the most popular afterwards, and the deluxe components next. We also read a lot of comments about interest for having miniatures to replace the neutral units. So here's a summary of our game plan with everything you suggested:

  • $25 Big box of holding + deluxe components: Wooden tokens, snap bases, miniatures for neutral units

We hear you! Having a nice way to store and setup the game is crucial for the playing experience. But also having premium components that feel nice to the touch or enhance table presence and immersion —we are all-in for increasing immersion!

The most streamlined way to have all of this benefits is to integrate them in a single add-on where you get a HUGE box of holding for the base game and all expansions, plus 24 miniatures for the neutral units (1 or 2 different designs), snap bases in different sizes and colors (as per gameplay needs) to clearly identify each player's minis on the board, specially if you plan to paint your minis, and custom wooden tokens, some with silk-screen, others with the unique custom shape.

This add-on's final design is in process, and we are very much looking forward to share its development with you.

Here's an exclusive preview at more concepts from the Dragonbond visual guide to the Ellari rebels. We are considering one of these of some Maghyr rebels to become the miniatures for the neutral units (12 copies of a female design, 12 copies of a male design; pose not final, just shown for concept purposes).

Ellari rebels concept (work in progress)

Here's an extract from the lore guide for both types of rebels mentioned above:

Ellari rebels, while they live inside the Realm’s borders, consider themselves independent, and so enemies of the Dragon Kingdom. Most of them live in secluded enclaves inside the Fai Woods, where the Kingdom’s armies can’t reach them.

The greatest danger for the Empire is not an outside force, but the machinations of maghyr malcontents. After the Emperor’s edicts stripped them of land and influence, the old noble houses have mostly played the meek vassals, but they maintain a secret agenda fully committed to regaining their former wealth and power.