Finding your stretch goals and progress

Welcome back, agents

We sincerely hope you're enjoying your minis, along with the dossiers.

We are currently working on pre-supports but every single STL has been fulfilled. We've received a few messages from you saying that MMF wasn't loading your stretch goals. You can find these in the stretch goals section in your own library.

The origin pack error where the Executioner and Corsair STLs were missing has been fixed. We are also hard at work with pre-supports, but a few of them are already up. Everything should be ready by mid March. Thank you all for your patience.

Remember that if you have any other issues at any point in your claiming of your rewards, you can contact us at

Darkest hour

Design for our first published adventure is going well! We are also working on the cover. What do you think? This is still a work in progress, but we're getting there.

Darkest hour cover by Singhooi Lim


Show us your minis! Tell us your stories. You can find us in social media and join our community on Discord.

Battles of Valerna

Bring the frozen might of Ysval and the unwavering balance of Nahuac to your Battles of Valerna table. The frozen northern reaches of Valerna host the resilient and grounded Holy Ysvalian Alliance. Bearers of the light and firm believers in community, hard work and simple pleasures, Ysvalians are built strong and reliable. South of Allaria, in the ever shifting, living expanse of Source, a coallition of shape shifter and makaab weilders rise to live as one with the delicate balance of nature.

Our Battles of Valerna: Ysval and Nahuac campaign will be live on early March.

All minis painted by MIMI Painting studio

-- One continent is lost; will the miasma expand again?

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