Fulfillment Status #1

At last!! It is happening! Chickens are arriving to every home to start war!

Hello Chicken Army,

At last!! It is happening! Chickens are arriving to every home to start war!

We are humbled by your great reviews about the quality of the game. Feel free to share that review in BoardGameGeek!

This was a work of love for you, our backers, who trusted us and waited for us. We place our hearts in all our projects and this one is very special because it was our first large Kickstarter campaign. We are so happy to read you are enjoying your rewards. THANK YOU!

We know many of you are still waiting but don't worry! You will most likely receive your game before the year ends!

Today we will talk about:

  • Fulfillment status for each region

  • Replacements/missing items (including damaged mat issue, clarification for green dice and Cluckthulhu cards+sleeves)

  • Gameplay questions

Fulfillment status

  • USA (Gamerati): All parcels were dropped in the mail last week! If you have not received your rewards, they will most likely arrive this week. We are waiting for tracking numbers from our fulfillment partner but feel free to send an email to kickstarter@dracostudios.com with the subject "WfCI tracking number" and we will forward it to you as soon as we receive the complete list! Replacements and missing items will start soon.

  • Canada (Gamerati partners): Gamerati consolidated orders for Canadian backers to send those within Canada. Next week, items should arrive to your country and from there, they will be dispatched in the mail so you don't deal with custom charges. We expect you all to start receiving your games within the next 2 weeks. Almost there!! Thanks for your patience!

  • Mexico (Detestable Games): Our friends from Detestable Games have placed the orders in the mail some days ago (Estafeta) and you should be already receiving your rewards.

  • Local pickup in Mexico: Detestable Games should have gotten in touch with Mexican backers in GDL or CDMX to confirm address or local pickup (or you can reach adrian@detestablegames.com to ask directly). If you chose local pickup, you will be able to get a free item (Snap Bases, Card Sleeves, or Yolk-Sothoth only). For backers in Guadalajara, you will be able to pickup your rewards with Detestable Games; backers in Mexico City will be able to collect in Draco Studios HQ.

  • United Kingdom (Boardgameguru): Last week, the cargo finally arrived to our fulfillment partner and this week some of you have already received tracking numbers. Our project should be at pick&packing stage and we expect the parcels to be sent next week.

  • Europe (Happyshops): Most orders have been dispatched and have started to arrive in European countries. We have requested tracking numbers so you can send us an email to kickstarter@dracostudios.com with the subject "WfCI tracking number" and we will get that to you as soon as we have them. Your rewards should arrive soon.

  • Asia (VFI): The shipments started this week and some in Asia have already arrived. Depending on your country's proximity to China you might receive your rewards during the next week or a little bit later (for the farthest ones).

  • Australia (VFI > Aetherworks): Last communication we received from VFI in Asia was that they had forwarded orders to Aetherworks so they ship within Australia without extra customs to you. After that, Aetherworks will place your rewards in the mail. These parcels might still take a couple of weeks to arrive, but the chickens are almost there!

  • Rest of the World (Happyshops): Orders for backers in Central America, South America and Africa will be dispatched by Happyshops in Germany. This might still take some time but we expect you to receive tracking numbers from Happyshops to have more accurate estimated time of arrival. There are 35 orders to countries in South America that are still in queue and might take at least 2 weeks to arrive since there are still complication to ship packages into some countries. We are grateful for your understanding.


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