Halloween in the Wounded Earth

Welcome back, agents

It’s good to reach out again. We hope you and your team are safe. Usually things start getting hairy on day three in the fog. Depends on your luck, really.

We hope this weekend has been filled with adventure and terror. You can pick up your copy through retail now. We are also participating in the Halloween promotion at DriveThruRPG for our digital products. This discount is available for the following items.

  • Any digital copies of Eldritch Century: Chronicles of the Wounded Earth

  • The novel The Depths and anthology Tales from the Fog

  • The graphic novel The Azure Owl

  • Our Dossiers starter set, with base rules, sample characters and three adventures to get you hooked into our world

  • The Darkest Hour, our first ever full-length adventure

You can get them here

We are also giving away three amazing packages that include both Eldritch Century: Chronicles of the Wounded Earth books, the novel The Depths, anthology Tales from the Fog,, graphic novel Azure Owl and 83 of our 3D printable models. The whole kit is worth around 90 USD and all you have to do is act quick and click here.