IMPORTANT: Relaunch due to a glitch with add-ons

Hello, Dragonbonded

You might have heard in the live streaming yesterday that our current campaign has suffered some technical challenges. After long discussions among the heads of the teams at Draco Studios, we have taken the difficult decision to cancel the current campaign and relaunch. This is not a final cancellation of the product, we are simply planning a relaunch to ensure that all our backers can participate.

The situation is this

As many of you are aware, currently there is a glitch on the Kickstarter mobile app which freezes the screen in the add-ons section before being able to complete pledges. This has led to a lot of potential backers being unable to pledge and as such has greatly impacted the journey to stretch goals.

As this is an issue of technical nature, our plan is to relaunch our campaign at a later time without using the feature of integrated add-ons in the campaign, we will just work with add-ons as we did in the past, which you will be able to select in the pledge manager (MyMiniFactory). Our intention is to make sure no one misses out to get the new armies at the best possible price and with that, all of backers will get a much better experience with more stretch goals unlocked.

Any pledges made for this campaign will be cancelled and no cards will be charged.

As a thank you to our returning backers and an apology for the inconvenience, there will be loyalty rewards for returning backers from our previous campaigns, including this one.

Currently, there's no further action needed, we will cancel the campaign on Sunday in order to allow everyone to stay in the loop.

We are terribly sorry for this situation and, more than that, we are incredibly thankful for your patronage, ongoing support and interest.

The war for Valerna is far from over.

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