IMPORTANT: Surveys within 24 hrs!

Hello Dragonbonded!

We have finished setting up Backerkit, our chosen pledge manager.

Within the next 24 hrs you will receive an email with a personal link. A smoke test has been sent and 5% random backers of each reward tier have already received their survey so we can check if there's anything we need to fix before sending the rest of the surveys. The email will look similar to this:

Backerkit is the place where you let us know your shipping address where to send your rewards (when manufacture is complete), include any extras and pay shipping fees according to total weight. We encourage you to fill your survey as soon as possible, the pledge manager will be open for a short period of time so we can finalize counts and move to placing mass manufacture order. During this window, you have the opportunity to include add-ons or increase your pledge level.

One great thing about Backerkit is that you can reply your survey as soon as you get it with the add-ons you like and get charged for them later. In this case, you must answer your survey within 1 month and your card will be charged in March 1st. (Don't worry, we will be in touch to remind you when the date is closer).

Once you open your survey, in the first screen you can confirm or upgrade your pledge level and country of residence in case you are awaiting physical rewards (so you the system loads the proper shipping fees).

Local pickup: Backers in Mexico City or Guadalajara will be able to select Local pickup in the country drop-down menu for waived shipping fee.

In case you wish to switch to another pledge level, you can do so in the first screen.

Before selecting optional buys (add-ons) you might have to answer a few pledge questions depending on your reward tier; such as choosing the dragons included in your pledge level, or whether you want the lair STL files with Townbuilder or just the presets, etc.

Once you answer these questions, you will go into the most exciting section where you will be able to include optional buys.

Returning backers: you will find your loyalty rewards already in your shopping cart. Once you finish choosing your add-ons, you will be able to select your preferred choice for your loyalty rewards.

Let's take a quick look at them.


First we have the core rewards:

1. A hardcover copy of the book Great Wyrms of Drakha (or PDF version if it is not included already in your reward tier.

2. The gargantuan dragon miniatures for Aureus, Kuxcoatl, and Baastherox.

3. The thematic dice-set

4. The limited opportunity to have an NPC art piece made in your resemblance and included in the book.

5. For our dear retailers, we are offering the thematic exhibitor/displays that will help you to improve sales performance of your order while providing an immersive experience to your local gamers. All of these were designed keeping in mind new releases with some pieces that can be exchanged in the future to match the future releases. We are very excited to be able to offer these and we look forward for a long lasting relationship.

6. If you are into 3D printing, you can find more STL files for some of our past releases, including Legendary Dragons from Jetpack7. STL Fulfillment will start in early March once surveys are answered and locked!

After selecting your add-ons, you will be prompted to enter your mailing address to which we will send your physical rewards in August once manufacture and shipping is done.

Finally, the last step is to pay for shipping fees or add-ons to complete your survey. We have enabled payment through PayPal for your convenience, but in case you are wondering, Backerkit is also a secure site, we and hundreds of creators and backers have been using it plenty of times.

Don't forget to click the green button to place your order! Otherwise, your survey won't be marked as completed.

Don't forget to click on Place order to finish the survey and the system registers your order. You will still be able to modify it for some weeks even after you click this button.

Once the smoke test finishes, the rest of the surveys will be sent and in case you need assistance, you can contact us at

We will be back soon with more news and art to share with you!


Last but not least, we would like to ask you a favor if you can spare 2 minutes. One of our family games, Dodos Riding Dinos, (in collaboration with Detestable Games) has been nominated within the Top 20 most anticipated games of the year in Boardgamegeek! This is a popularity contest that greatly helps exposure for the winning titles, it would mean the world to us if you could vote for Dodos Riding Dinos! More info here.

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