Miniature painting competition

We have had a great few months of Tribes releases with beautiful miniatures and intriguing adventures. We are so thankful to have so many of you on board and thought it might be time for some fun. So…In January we are launching a painting competition. This is your chance to show off your paint jobs and win some fantastic prizes too.

This is an excellent way to start 2022, and we can’t wait to be dazzled with your entries over the coming months.

Speaking of which, it’s time to lay down the rules.

  • Miniature entries can be from any season of our Tribes subscription.

  • You do not have to be an active Triber to enter the contest. However, if you are not subscribed to Tribes but still want to join, please use this link to the free tribes’ test model.

  • No digital painting/editing is allowed.

  • Single miniature entries per user only.

  • You may submit as many entries as you want, but only 1 per contestant will be eligible to be placed.

  • Submitted photographs have to be at least 512x512 pixels in resolution to be considered. However, there are no restrictions in terms of aspect ratio.

  • Once they’re painted up, head on over to Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram), post your pictures with the hashtag #TribesPaintingJan, and we’ll be sure to take a peek. Make sure you tag us in your post too.

  • You have until the 17th of Jan 11.59pm CST to submit your entries. After this point all entries will be posted on the Draco Studios Social Media pages for the fans to vote for their favourites. This will create a shortlist of finalists for the creative team to judge.

  • The voting ends at 11:59 pm CST on January 28th, 2022

  • The Draco Team will review the finalists, and winners will be announced on February 3rd. We will also pick one entry at random to win a prize.

  • Since your photograph is the way we judge your entry, it’s essential that this gives a good impression of your entry. Three photographs from all angles are preferred, and a full view of the miniature can be considered for judging.

But, what’s a great contest without amazing prizes?

  • 1st place: 1 free year subscription to our Tribe.

  • 2nd place: 1 free season (3 months) to our Tribe

  • 3rd place: 1 month subscription to our Tribe

  • Random winner: 1 month subscription to our Tribe

Get the brushes and your paints out and let’s see what you are capable of doing!

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