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Hello Dragonbonded

This was a great weekend for Lords of Vaala and we have an exciting update to celebrate.

In this update you will find:

  • New Generals being unlocked

  • Spotlight: Legends of Valerna (expansion)

  • Spotlight: Creatures of Valerna (expansion)

  • New add-ons poll & existing add-ons

  • How to include add-ons to your pledge

  • New STL / PnP reward tier with all core content & expansions

  • Announcing double-sided game board with color side

Let's get started!


Your FREE copy of Armies of Blood & Dreams now includes a new Allarian general (miniature and character card) with its own Vaala cards. The next stretch goal will unlock a new Tyverian general.

Here's what the next stretch goals look like:

Surprise! By removing the alternate poses, we have manage to streamline the stretch goals plan and we are very close to convert Armies of Blood & Dreams into a standalone game —a lite wargame starter for Battles of Valerna.

Now, let's talk about each of the add-ons, which will help us reach stretch goals faster if you decide to include some to your pledge.


This expansion includes 2 new generals (1 for Allaria and 1 for Tyveria) along with 2 new asymmetric characters that extend the player count up to 6 or may replace the Dragon players in games with fewer players (except as Faceless players with AI). These characters play similar to dragons but with a twist —none of them can collect Power tokens from the board; instead they destroy tokens in the board and gain power in a different way.

The Fell Knight

A dream entity who desperately wants to be real, who gains power by acknowledgement —through deal-making and other trickster, recognizably faerie ploys.

Each round, players may bid Power tokens in their player boards. The highest bidder gets the Alliance token. The Fell Knight cannot attack their ally. If no player gets the Alliance token, the Fell Knight gets +2 combat value.

Whenever the Fell Knight fills their essence track by destroying units (2), the Fell Knight and their ally gain 1 Power token each. The Fell Knight is a sturdy character with 6 Hit Points and a constant combat value (3 or 2 dice). When the Fell Knight destroys power on the board, their ally gets 1 Power token and afterwards, the Fell Kinght heals 2 wounds for each power destroyed.

The alliance is even more appealing with the Fell Knight's vaala cards, which offer their ally interesting benefits, and the Fell Knight gets power in return if their ally decides to take the benefit. Here are some examples of the Fell Knight's vaala cards:

Fai Guidance - Cost: 2 Power

Place this card in front of you. Until the end of the round, your ally may treat Glyphs on their action cards as being any other Glyph on their player board. Each time they use this ability, gain 1 power.

Claim what is due - Cost: 2 Power

Choose any number of friendly units in your region. Your ally may return the token of alliance to you, if they do not, add the chosen units to your essence track (gaining power as normal).

If you would like to see the Fell Knight in action, here's a livestream of 5-player game featuring the Fell Knight.

Fell Knight

The Kadhah

A being who gains power by haunting and draining a player of their choice through due to a cosmic, magical grudge.

Each round, the Kadhah gives the Doom token to any player, if the player chosen has the most (or tied for the most) power, the Kadhah gains 1 power. This player is doomed and the Kadhah has +2 combat value against that player.

The Kadhah also fills its essence track with 2 destroyed units and gets 1 Power token afterwards. While the Kadhah is very powerful and rolls many dice against the Doomed player, it can be destroyed with 3 wounds. Once the Kadhah is destroyed, it will activate the vaala glyph on each subsequent turn until the round is over. At that time, the Kadhah will respawn in a random uncontrolled location, stronger with the Vaala cards that remain face-up for the whole round. Here are some vaala cards from the Kadhah:

Blood tether - Cost: 1 Power

Place this card in front of you until the Kadhah is destroyed. Whenever the doomed player casts a Vaala card, you may destroy a unit or wound a dragon in a region adjacent to the Kadhah.

Siphon - Cost: 1 Power

Place this card in front of you until the Kadhah is destroyed. Whenever the doomed player takes one or more power from a region adjacent to the Kadhah, gain 1 power.


Onatella Pai The crimelord

The leader of the Grand Guild and the most important figure inside the Golden Gnome culture in Allaria. Devious, intimidating and politic, she made her way into the main spheres of power in Allaria.

Onatella Pai is a general who manipulates armies or dragons to change their plans by changing the scenario of the board, whether with diplomacy or treason, you can never take for granted the loyalty of anyone while she is the commanding general of Allaria.

Here are some of her Vaala cards:

An offer you cannot refuse - Cost: 2 Power

Choose any enemy upgrade and take it, adding it to your player board.

Manipulation - Cost: 1 Power

Choose an enemy general or Dragon and move it to an adjacent region. If you choose a general, the region must be uncontrolled or friendly to that player.

While dragonbonded, whenever she or her bonded dragon collect Power tokens from the board, they may collect 1 additional Power token if able.

The miniature is still in progress but we will see her seated on her ornamented tripod.

Onatella Pai (alternate general for Allaria)

Sagriv The alchemist spy

An expert shiv alchemist from Tyveria, who experiments with different kind of poisons. Although chaotic and erratic, his clever mind and intelligence make him an occasional counselor for the emperor.

Sagriv lays secret traps that will make his foes to double guess their actions. All of his vaala cards cost 2 Power to play, but they are played face-down until the condition is triggered.

Some examples of his vaala cards:

Explosives - Cost: 2 Power

Play this card face-down in front of you. You may reveal this card at any time to turn a critical hit into 3 standard hits.

Smoke bombs - Cost: 2 Power

Play this card face down in front of you. You may reveal this card when a combat is initiated to retreat from the region immediately.

Being dragonbonded allows Sagriv's bonded dragon to look at his face-down traps and activate them too.

Sagriv (Alternate general for Tyveria)

More content to Legends of Valerna

We are very close to add additional mini expansions to this pack, increasing its value but not its pledge amount for you.

If at least 1000 copies of Legends of Valerna are taken, we will add the Draconic offerings miniexpansion and the Captains miniexpansion. Both of this are still being developed and playtested by Alessio & Jack but here's an overview of them:

Draconic Offerings

Dragons invade Valerna not only for raw power, they need to bring back offerings for their Azhurma —the Great Wyrms of Drakha. This offering can be captured Valernians themselves, but it can also be artifacts, objects or even knowledge.

Tokens are placed on the board during setup which the Dragons can hoard and spend to get benefits, or collect sets to claim Power tokens. Generals may attempt to find the dragons' lairs on the board to retrieve the tokens and collect Power by completing sets as well.


In a continent forged by war and raided by dragons, heroes can be found among the realms. There are no gods or destiny in Dragonbond. The decisions and actions of individuals is what shape this world, to start wars or to end them.

The Upgrade deck has some Hero cards and whenever they are revealed, unique neutral champions are placed in a random uncontrolled region. These champions have a combat value of +2. Generals can attempt to defeat them and recruit them as captains for their armies. Dragons entering peacefully in regions with these heroes may become bonded, allowing them to move together, attack with +2 dice, and no longer be able to bond with Generals.

Upgrade your pledge level today and get Legends of Valerna to unlock these exciting miniexpansions!


This Players-vs-Environment expansion introduces neutral monsters and gives a bit more life to Valerna than just armies and dragons. Creatures are a challenge themselves, but every challenge that is overcome in Dragonbond gives power in one way or another. Limited quantities available after the Kickstarter, the best way to secure this expansion is by adding it to your pledge now or in the pledge manager.

This expansion includes 1 event card, some "Spawn" cards, and 6 miniatures with their corresponding cards for each creature. Whenever a Spawn card is revealed in the Upgrade deck, a random creature is placed at a random uncontrolled region and a new Upgrade card is drawn. It is common to find multiple monsters in the board. All power in a region where a monster spawns is destroyed, but by defeating the creature in combat you can claim Power.

As an extra perk, you can also find the stats for each of these monsters so you can use their miniatures in your own role-playing game adventures using 5th edition rules.

Back to Lords of Vaala gameplay content, each creature card shows its combat value (attack dice), the Hit Points (wounds), and Trophy value (Power tokens awarded for destroying it), and a unique ability. Creatures and Neutral units in a region must be all attacked, one at a time.

  • Fai Hydra (Combat Value 4, Wounds 4, Trophy 2)

If the Fai Hydra survives a combat round, the Hydra instantly recovers any wounds it has suffered.

  • Waada (Combat Value 2, Wounds 2, Trophy 2)

Before combat, deal a wound to the enemy and add a neutral unit to this region. Neutral units in the region must always be attacked before the Waada.

  • Oni Fataar (Combat Value 3, Wounds 3, Trophy 2)

The Oni Fataar rerolls all ‘miss’ results in combat (only once, you cannot reroll a reroll).

  • Manticore (Combat Value 2, Wounds 2, Trophy 1)

The Manticore counts as the attacker in all combats and rolls combat dice first.

  • Blood Husks (Combat Value 2, Wounds 3, Trophy 1)

After this creature is killed, shuffle its card back into the creature deck.

  • Fai Goblins (Combat Value 1, Wounds 3, Trophy 1)

Whenever an enemy would suffer a wound from a Fai Goblins’ hit, the enemy must retreat instead.

Swat aside waves of fai goblins or face the mind-shattering power of the waada. Brave the tyverian manticore and the poison on its spikes and fend off the vampyri husklings, starved for blood. Rush the Oni Fataar’s tusks, or be torn down by its sheer size. Dare to hunt the Fai Hydra, if you don't become prey to any of its 4 maws first.


We read all your comments and we are exploring the possibility to create new add-ons based on your interests, including:

  • Big Box of Holding (storage solution)

  • Deluxe tokens (wood with silk-screen or embossing)

  • Colored Snap Bases (For all players and units)

  • Unique city tokens. (Plastic or for 3D print)

  • NEW expansion with more dragons and realms (Nahuac & Ysval realms + Exxor & Coatl dragon broods)

WE NEED YOUR HELP TO MAKE THESE A REALITY. Please answer this survey so we can calculate demand and with that, the final cost of the add-ons. We want all of these to become a reality but we need to secure a minimum print run and some development costs for a couple of them (the new expansion or the unique city tokens)

Go to add-ons survey

The existing add-ons that you can get now for Lords of Vaala are

  • Oversized Rubber Mat (full color map): Each region has a limit of 6 units at any time, so the game board in your game works fine (and we are now making it double-sided so you can choose to use the full color or the muted colors). The oversized mat (+25%) offers clearer visibility in games where generals are able to recruit the largest armies in case you plan to replace your cardboard units with the miniatures included in Armies of Blood & Dreams.

  • Extra dice set: Very handy to allow any player to reach dice at a comfortable distance in the table or whenever you attack with the most powerful combos, get extra dice to avoid re-rolling while keeping count.

  • Card sleeves: Protect your cards and expand their lifespan. One set is required to sleeve the base game, two sets to sleeve the game with one or more expansions.

  • Great Wyrms of Drakha (book, dice set, miniatures): A past Dragonbond release in RPG with 7 high-level adventures against the most powerful dragons in Drakha, the red moon of Valerna. These gargantuan miniatures (8 inch / 200 mm) do not currently have gameplay content for Lords of Vaala but we are working on rules to have it in the future for both, Lords of Vaala and the Dragonbond wargame. Limited quantities available.

Upgraded tier for 3D / PnP files

Our 3D-printing branch, LAIR team, is almost ready to start monthly releases (Patreon) so the STL models in the expansions were considered for 3 monthly releases. And the Print & Play PDF files for the expansions (with standees instead of 3D models) consolidated in a $15 add-on for the pledge manager.

We realized that this campaign was missing our usual huge welcoming to the makers community by keeping those models for a later monthly content. (If you have backed Dragons of the Red Moon, Great Wyrms of Drakha, or any LAIR campaigns, you know we are big supporters of the makers community).

This is how we plan to fix it.

  • At campaign launch – The $15 USD reward tier includes the digital files for the core game of Lords of Vaala and the Armies of Blood & Dreams. We are including the 3D STL files for free in this pack (or the P&P PDF files for free, depending on how you prefer to see it).

  • Today – Likewise, we will bundle the STL and PDF PnP files in a single $15 add-on so you get both at the price of 1. This will be available in the pledge manager.

  • We created a new pledge level now for $25 that includes ALL 3D STL models and all the Print & Play PDF files for the base game and the expansions. In case you choose to get all content for the core game and expansions now,

In addition, as per your request the PDF files for Print & Play will include both variants: Ink-saving (without background textures), and full graphics (with background textures). These are organized in an A4 format to print with a home-printer.

Please help us spread the word within the makers community and Print & Play groups. We would like to welcome everyone into our campaign.

Double-sided game board

We love our board with muted colors and a Tolkien-feel. (Particularly Alessio and Daniel Ehrli are huge fans of it). But we have heard some requests from backers to have a colored version. We are upgrading your board to a double-sided board so you can choose which side you would like to play with.

Here's the color illustration (still without layout of the borders, names and other game elements, but those will be included in the final product).

(See the landmarks on each region? You can get those as minis if you are interested in having unique plastic city tokens, remember to answer the add-ons survey to let us know)


That's all for today! Thanks for your patience with this update, let us know in the comments what you liked the most about the expansions and please help us share in social media or tabletop forums/groups so we can reach the $200.000 USD stretch goal to give you 2 Dragonbond games! By including add-ons to your pledge we will also get closer.

—Thanks for dragonbonding with us!

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