Announcing Numenera 3D printable models (April 2021)

Welcome to the Ninth World! Explore the future and materialize the world of Numenera at your table.

We are overjoyed to be working on such an amazing universe, bringing the amazing artwork that Numenera has and transforming it into 3D-printable creatures and characters that will allow you to bring the fantastic sci-fantasy world to your table like never before. The aesthetics from Numenera are incredibly vast, from mechanical constructs of an ancient past, to natural creatures evolved through millennia, and many a mix of both.

Both characters and creatures in Numenera are so unique that there is simply no replacing them with something similar, so when trying to include physical miniatures in the RPG, the task has proven very hard. This is where we can give our greatest contribution to the people who love Numenera as much as we do.

By doing STL files for 3D printing of the creatures, you will be able to materialize some of your favorite monsters and also a wide variety of characters, and with how easy it is to get into 3D printing these days you will have a wide catalog of some of the unique inhabitants of the Ninth World. Our initial catalog will have some of our favorites and some of the fan’s favorites, but with your help we will be able to quickly expand that catalog, and with Numenera having an incredibly expansive bestiary and a lot of characters to make, there are plenty of 3D models we can do.

We want to share our happiness with you and invite you to join us for this quite epic adventure! We hope this makes you as happy as it makes us.

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