Preliminary PnP fulfilled, previews, and painted minis

Hello dragonbonded, we are back!

I would like to start with an apology for the silence in the past weeks. Some of you are aware of the Covid situation our family went through because Pam and I explained in a few threads at the comment section before the campaign finished.

The past month has been the most challenging in our work lives because we had to juggle between messages, emails, and calls for both, work and hospital, combined with the rush of activity from the end of campaign, which we are deeply grateful for. Your support and the last days of the campaign, was the only positive thing in the hard times we were going through.

Our family members are now at home recovering and we have regained peace of mind to focus again. Thanks again for your patience and for all your support!

Development hasn't stopped. We are a large team and the game development + pledge manager setup has kept going. Only the communications, which Pam and I are in charge of, was not as usual, but we are back. So let us share what's happened in the past weeks.

PRELIMINARY Print & Play PDF files sent

Only 10 days after the campaign funded we sent the preliminary PDF PnP files to all backers from tiers $15 and higher.

This are not the final files! But we wanted to share them in case you are eager to play and even share feedback in our Discord

You should have received a redeemable code via email from DriveThruRPG; if you did not, look in your SPAM folder or send us an email to with the subject "Missing LoV PnP" and Ana or Pam will help you out!

Note that shortly after we first sent it, we uploaded an update because the Arcane Harvest card from Allaria had the wrong icons. We also included the latest version of the rules and Example of play.

For your convenience here's the timeline with the digital rewards:

  • September: Base Game preliminary Print & Play PDF files (SENT)

  • October: Access to our MyMiniFactory store for your Base Game & Armies of Blood & Dreams STL files

  • November: Base Game FINAL version Print & Play PDF files

  • December: Expansions Print & Play PDF and STL files

  • February: Translated versions of the Base Game & Expansions Print & Play PDF files

The final version of the Print & Play PDF files will include an A3 or A2 version of the game board, plus any modifications of the rules or game content. The cards will be arranged to print, cut & fold so the front and back are alignment is more convenient.

If you have printed the game and played already, feel free to rate, post pictures or start forum threads in BoardGameGeek's entry of Lords of Vaala.

About the final stretch goal

Even though we didn't reach the $250.000 stretch goal that could allow us to accelerate development to unlock the new expansion as an add-on, we have figured out how to bring it to life.

Design not final.

In a few weeks, you will receive an email to access a personal survey on Backerkit, the chosen pledge manager for this project.

You will be able to let us know your mailing address to send physical rewards, pay for shipping and VAT, choose your language version, AND include any optional buys (add-ons).

This expansion will be set up as a stretch goal add-on, meaning that to make it a reality we will need enough orders for it; if the goal is not met, this add-on won't be charged by the platform.

We have received dozens of requests for this expansion in social media, Discord, personal messages, Kickstarter comments (maybe near a hundred). So we believe we can easily achieve 500 orders, but we will need your help.

We are still thinking about the best name for this expansion that introduces new dragon broods and realms with their own player boards, action cards (new art) and characters + vaala cards. If you have any ideas, feel free to share in the comments! (You can learn more about the realms of Nahuac and Ysval, and the draconic broods Coatl and Exxor in the World Primer).

Here's a special preview:

Tetzcoatl by Adam Wesierski

And of course, the miniatures will receive the same special treatment as the ones from the base game and other generals, with more table presence for generals and younger version of the dragons to fit in the box.

Pose thumbnail for Erandi by Aldo Dominguez

Answers to a couple of frequently asked questions:

  • If this becomes a reality, you will also unlock the add-on Armies of Nature & Light for players who prefer to use minis instead of cardboard tokens.

  • The Big Box of Holding will be able to hold these expansions as well.

  • If this add-on is unlocked, their digital files will be added to the add-on for the expansions Print & Play files.

Art & Sculpt previews

Enough reading! Time for some updates with images instead of words.

Onatella Pai by Todd Ulrich

Pose thumbnail for miniature of Onatella Pai by Todd Ulrich

Tripod sculpt progress by Roberto Chaudon

Onatella Pai sculpt progress (not posed yet) by Roberto Chaudon