Red Moon Monday: Labyrinthine Politics, Purveyors of Power

Happy New Year!

Welcome to our first Red Moon Monday of the year. We hope you all had a great holiday season and remain well. May you all accomplish everything you set out to do this year and remain safe, healthy and busy.

In our front, we took a much needed working brea; while not connecting for our daily work-calls and constant communication, all of us kept going over our tasks like working on the finishing touches for the Pledge Manager—we are completing the set up to start the smoke test soon so we can send all the surveys without any further hassle—and preparing for the many projects coming out this year. Of course, we keep the Great Wyrms of Drakha project on schedule and, may we be so bold, it keeps surprising us at every corner. All the revisions and additions are really shaping up the adventures to become truly memorable, the artwork is ever more breathtaking with each new piece. Case in point...

A Face to Deceive The Radiance

In a place as big and as busy as Aureus' Golden City, commerce is an all-important part of daily affairs conducted by all its inhabitants. Dragons were no strangers to the concept of bartering, and their dragonkin were used to exchange services between themselves before the city reached its current stage. The arrival of Valernians only boosted this phenomenom as the mortals are always avid indeed to trade goods and services in order to improve their lives... or their chances at keeping them.

In a city so vibrant and dynamic, one trader stands among the rest because of what she offers and what she represents: luxury and high-end objects for anyone who can afford them. Duh'mÿr, the Fulgen dragonkin, is famous among all other traders who reserve only the finest wares they can produce or acquire to offer to her, in hopes she will find these worthy of a place in her emporium.

"Anything you might want... if you have the means to acquire it."
"Anything you might want... if you have the means to acquire it."

This piece by Todd Ulrich shows us the taste and refinement of the Golden City's most famous trader of coveted, rare goods—as well as key connections—while also revealing the true nature behind her amenable yet shrewd disposition. To strike a bargain with Duh'mÿr is to open yourselves to as many wonders as Drakha can offer... and many of its deadliest yet most profitable secrets.

Caveat emptor.

So, that is it for now. We will keep you posted on any further developments for this project and we would like to remind you that, tomorrow we will be launching another KS campaign for our Eldritch Century, our sister brand also packed with great sculptures and fantastic artwork depicting the many and varied factions of The Wounded Earth.

You can opt-in to be notified on launch here:

Be sure to pass the word around, telling your friends about it and do get ready, for the factions are alway recruiting as the horrors of the Miasma keep coming in an relentless tide.

That's it for today. See you next week and as always, stay safe, wear a mask and be well.

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