Red Moon Monday: Nixis cover & Baastherox paint job

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

Welcome back. We're glad you all are ready to start another week and that we are now well into January's second half. Time does fly when we keep ourselves busy!

Over the past two weeks, there have been quite a few developments and interesting news for us to share, so let's get started.

Book development progress

  • Dehrilya's adventure has just been sent to our editor. We are just missing 2 adventures (Nixis and Rawraxxa) and all the adventures will be in our editor's hands (or eyes).

  • Art pieces: 31 / 120 Our art team did it again! We have all the chapter openers and they are fantastic! Take a look at Nixis in all her splendor!

Nixis, the Dracolich, and ruler of The Catacomb Reaches. Illustrated by Aldo Dominguez

Miniatures progress

  • The factory has finished the adjustments to our 3 models for plastic injection. We are awaiting for samples before moving to mass production.

  • Mimi Painting Studio has finished painting Baastherox, the mightiest! It is truly breathtaking. We will be using this dragon for pictures on its packaging.

And speaking of packaging we have Kuxcoatl's along with the painted version from AG team (Angel Giraldez).

We are giving our best to deliver you all a great set of finals products!

On a Draco Studios-related note, our LAIR division is running the last days for our Eldritch Century KS campaign for 3D-printable files and RPG content. The project was funded in 1 hour and now has unlocked 10 stretch goals! Be sure to check it out. Specially if you enjoy cosmic horror and pre-apocalyptic settings. You can get some unique bundles starting at $5 or all the 85+ models for $50.

We will be back with more news next week in another Red Moon Monday. Hopefully with Backerkit (pledge manager) surveys already out.

-- Choose to fight! Your battles will become Legend

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