Red Moon Monday: Editing 2 adventures

Hello, everyone. Are you ready to start the week, staying warm and healthy, in great spirits? We certainly hope so and wish you accomplish everything you set out to do.

Status Update

The Pledge Manager

Last week we made some big progress on setting up Backerkit, maybe near 40%. We are still looking for sending surveys on January 2021.

The Miniatures

We are starting exploration for the packaging of the miniatures. This a very early design, but feel free to let us know your thoughts about what would make a great packaging for your miniatures.

The Book

Everything is going at a good pace. The adventures being edited now number 2 (Baastherox at final stages and Kuxcoatl in progress) plus the Introduction for the Great Wyrms of Drakha book. This week is time for us to get Sivax ready for our editor to add to his list. So, yes... busy, busy, busy...

There's something that never fails to inspire us and that is the art created for these adventures that goes perfectly with the lore we've developed for you to enjoy.

Oh, the art! Here, let us tell about the art and the story that inspired it.

Stonecutter, the Rogue Golem

Deep within the crystalline tunnels leading to Sivax's vault that lies under his majestic spire, a relic from a time long gone wanders and cuts its way across the walls, creating more tunnels and pathways in the maze-like structure, ceaselessly advancing and retracing its footsteps, as if frantically looking for something... or someone.

This construct has become the terror of the Magnifex dragonkin working on the deepest levels inside Sivax's domain, and it is the creation of The Architect... a dragon who was charged by Sivax himself to plot and build the inner sactum and the Vault where Sivax spends much of his time and where he keeps his most prized pieces of art.

To better serve his lord, The Architect applied all his knowledge to the creation of a construct that would help him make paths through the stone and crystals he would later shape into beautiful, intrincate corridors and canals. In order to make it a precise tool, The Architect used his Kadmic runes to transfer a bit of his intellect onto the construct, and together they worked marvels, much to Sivax's delight... and petty envy.

Still, The Architect was dragon whose mind itself was a precious treasure Sivax could neither rule nor own, but the Magnifex azhurma could certainly find a way to contain, and once the grand work was finished, Sivax brought him to the center of the tunnel network, just above the Vault and entombed him within thick, ever-expanding crystal walls, so he could watch his most precious servant whenever he pleased... and soon forgot about him once another object fueled his latest obsession.

Ever since, Stonecutter has been trying to fulfill its master's last, desperate command: "Find me! Find The Architect!"

The Golem "Stonecutter", illustrated by Anna Khudorenko

So, this is it for this Red Moon Monday's entry.

Be sure to check our social networks or Discord to find a few more news of what's going on over at Draco Studios or have some questions answered.. or to say hi. We're not shy!

Be well, stay safe, wear your masks if you go outside and see you next week!

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