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Today Lords of Vaala entered into The Hotness top 10 list in BoardGameGeek! This is great to help the game get more exposure.

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More exposure means more backers, therefore, more stretch goals unlocked! And if we complete all 5 stages of stretch goals, your copy of Armies of Blood & Dreams will become a standalone game. So you will get 2 different Dragonbond games at just $49!

So what's the status for the stretch goals stages now that we are 200% funded?

You just finished unlocking stretch goals - Stage 1!

This first stage includes new x8 upgrade cards. More player options and ways to interact with the units. Your copy of Lords of Vaala includes 10 Allarian units and 10 Tyverian units, a total of 20 upgrade cards.

Let's talk about the lore from the new units you unlocked in the upgrade cards!


Linked inextricably to Fai —Vaala’s aspect of dreams— the golden gnomes known as godao are witty, industrious creatures whose machines turn the tide of combat or make life either simpler or more interesting. Their creations come in dreams, asleep or otherwise, and their duty is to make them real. A busy godao is a healthy godao.


Enormous, wise and decorated, ogerron wear their vanquished foes’ jewelry and consume their flesh. The jewels are a constant reminder to an ogerron’s enemies and allies about the many battles the wearer has won. The flesh bestows the creature with the fallen’s wisdom. Ogerron live in travelling communities where they share stories and blows for the same purpose: togetherness.

Silver Elves

None are as connected to fai and its dreams like the ellari. This very connection makes them the most intuitive dreamcasters; yet through it, they were encased under a violent light. Now closely watched and their dreams controlled by the danger of the return of Null, the silver elves of Allaria can only hope that things will change for the better, and that their freedom will become whole again. Luckily for them, the king’s bastard elven daughter continues to grow through the ranks.


One rarely ever gets used to the glare in shiv’s eyes. They always look like they want something from you; not a favor, but a trinket. Outstanding alchemists and nigh invisible thieves and assassins, shiv halflings hold their own in the battlefield. Make sure you don’t make them angry, and if you see one on the battlefield in the enemies’ team, you’d better hope you saw them before they spotted you.


The best example of Tyveria’s might and penchant for the extreme is their taming of vespidai. These enormous and exceptionally poisonous wasps inhabit the hardest reaches of the Blood Empire. Their vampyri riders must ensure professional handling of the creatures, lest they fall from the skies or be torn by their very mount. When not at war, these creatures often help in mining endeavors and transporting parcels within and without the Empire’s walls.

Qirin Fai Hunters

Ever since the fai woods just outside Allaria became alive with monsters of dream, qirin fai hunters have hunted them down. Especially trained to fight fai creatures, qirin fai hunters are some of the most celebrated heroes in the kingdom. Many argue that their hunts are too perilous, that there must be another way, but none have come up with a solution for the fai creatures.

Skorpikon riders

If flying giant wasps weren't enough, Tyverians have ensured plenty of trade routes atop their massive skorpikons. These enormous chitinous beings, loaded with poisons and rage are key to tyvalt mining and transporting. They also are the main source of damage for the enemies of Tyveria, and the authors of the most gruesome deaths.


Allaria’s most complex allies, bucentauri hold the best part of the western reaches of Allaria. Large and lumbering, but masterfully tactical, bucentauri know their strengths and downfalls, and use that knowledge to excel on the battlefield.


Allarian Wildlife

Here's a bonus content form the art and writing teams at Draco Studios, who are extremely happy about the strong launch for Dragonbond: Lords of Vaala

This is part of the work we do every day expanding the visual guide and the lore guide for Dragonbond.

Concepts of Allarian wildlife fauna by Fer Martínez

A common encounter in the forests and sylvan settings of Allarian wilderness, fai beasts are fey-touched, magic versions of normal animals. There are as many kinds of Fai beasts as there are wild species in Allaria. A Fai beast resembles the mundane version of an animal, but it will always have a modicum of intelligence, spell-like abilities (most often charm, enchantment or illusion effects) and a mean disposition. Most fai beasts are Small or Tiny beasts, such as Fai rabbits, Fai peacocks or Fai toads, which play tricks on mortals for treasure or to punish their trespassing in the woods. However, there are also larger and more dangerous species, such as Fai tigers or Fai dogs, which do stalk and feed on humanoid prey. A Fai beast looks like a slightly mutated version of the normal animal, with features like extra limbs, strange colors or an unusual texture.

The creatures of Allaria are filled with surprises. From everyday creatures in varying sizes to wild machinations formed in the veil of dream. Hydras are a prime example. They take their base shape from different types of reptiles and saurians, and even multiple heads are common in certain regions of Valerna; but not even the best qirin hunters become accustomed to the shape of dragons and the endless stream of oniric force that glows in their eye. Consider, perhaps, the goblins, who seem crafted from the same shapes of nightmares. We recommend all travelers to resist traversing the fai woods alone; even our qirin hunters travel in groups.


In case you missed the livestream from earlier today, here's the replay. The team playtested in TTS the adjustment with the Monsters (last iteration each monster spawned in a fixed region, now they spawn in any uncontrolled region).

And that's all for today, let's head to the stage 2 of stretch goals and crush them because we have very exciting surprises coming.

Get ready for community goals, which will help towards unlocking stretch goals. And don't forget to share this project with a friend of yours who loves dragons or fantasy as much as we all do!

—Let's soar higher with dragons!

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