Stage 2 complete! Let's talk about exclusives

Hello dragonbonded!

Today we would like to ask your opinion (again) regarding an interesting topic, but let's talk first about your most recent achievement:

Thanks to your feedback and the shift on stage 2, you have cleared a new stage of stretch goals! Your pledge now includes 24 miniatures in addition to the 4 main characters!

Now you will unlock more gameplay content and miniatures: alternate generals! With these, we are getting closer to converting Armies of Blood & Dreams into a second Dragonbond game that you will get free with your pledge by supporting this Kickstarter.

New press releases and marketing strategies for the campaign are going live tomorrow and during the weekend to increase exposure and funding rate but please help us spread the word in your favorite forum or social media.

Kickstarter exclusives?

We have been following a very interesting thread in the comments section about this campaign offering or not offering exclusives.

Here's our stance when we launched the campaign (and after reading, we would LOVE reading your thoughts in the comments).

  • All of Dragonbond has been under development for the past 3 years; we want to welcome everyone into taking part of this journey.

  • Kickstarter exclusive content usually increases interest from potential backers to join during the Kickstarter rather than getting the game later through retail. This is because of people's fear of missing out (FOMO).

  • It is often said that some publishers prey on FOMO which results in backers spending more than they would be comfortable to afford or risk.

  • There are many degrees of FOMO, including the Opposite of FOMO. We remain impartial because we believe publishers do what they think its best for their products.

  • Everyone at Draco Studios (including LAIR and Detestable Games) knows that we exist thanks to our Kickstarter backers. And as backers ourselves of other creators, we know how is it like to support a project that does not exist yet, but be excited about it and directly supporting its creator.

  • Some of you might have heard about Lords of Vaala before the Kickstarter, while some backers will discover it during the last day of the campaign. All backers are helping to fund and stretch this game, so we believe every backer should get the same benefits.

  • Therefore, we decided not to offer an early bird tier. Instead we are including some promo cards to Early Dragon Supporters —which is extensive to distributors and retailers who have confirmed their orders before retail release and only for the 1st print run of the game. Their orders and interest allows us to give you the best possible price by increasing our order quantity to the factory which reduces the unitary cost in turn.

  • Note that this does not guarantee that your local game store will have enough copies from the first print run; our past game titles have been VERY limited on distribution (expansions being even more limited and usually with a higher price), so if you want to add Lords of Vaala (and expansions) into your collection, the best way to secure it is by backing this Kickstarter.

  • For your early support and trust we want to reward you. We want to repay your trust with trust. You will love the game as much as we do; we are very sure about it. So certain that we are offering a money-back guarantee (details in the campaign description). And for your support, we are giving all Kickstarter backers a free copy of Armies of Blood & Dreams (24 miniatures and soon, a couple of alternate generals). You could say this deal is Kickstarter exclusive, because it only applies to backers. (Not even retailer backers because of the margins).

  • And in case you don't know why we are very excited about this: Armies of Blood & Dreams could potentially become its own standalone game if stage 5 of stretch goals is unlocked. So you would be getting 2 games for the (very low) price of one ($49)

  • But what happens if we don't reach stage 5? Then, Armies of Blood & Dreams would still be a one-of-a-kind expansion for Lords of Vaala (a mix of cosmetic expansion with some added gameplay value), but from a financial perspective, it won't make sense to introduce that expansion into retail and mass distribution. In other words, Armies of Blood & Dreams would become a Kickstarter exclusive item.

  • Whether we unlock stage 5 or not, you, our dear backers, will get something truly unique with Armies of Blood & Dreams for supporting this project on Kickstarter.

By backing this Kickstarter you help us stretch and expand the content (and value) of your pledge.

You are also supporting us directly, which allows us to keep doing what we do (and love); that accelerates the pace at which we can develop more expansions for Lords of Vaala and other Dragonbond products (including other games, the novels, stories, RPGs, 3D models/miniatures, and the whole setting which we plan to bring into a TV series in some years).

And last but not least, you become part of our closest community. It is no secret that we always include loyalty rewards for returning backers. This applies to all projects from Draco Studios (Dragonbond / Eldritch Century), LAIR (3D printable files), and Detestable Games (Creature Kingdoms games). This is our way to remark our gratitude for supporting us. As a backer of Lords of Vaala, you get extra perks in several upcoming projects.

What are your thoughts? Please let me know in the comments and feel free to share this update in any board game group on Facebook and tag me if you wish (@William Burgos). Kickstarter exclusives is a very interesting topic and I would like to learn more what you like, what you dislike, how can Draco Studios improve in the overall Kickstarter experience we offer to our backers.

Live Game stream

In 9 hours (9:00 hrs CT) you can join us in a 5-player game livestream.

Pam, Jack, Gabriel, Moises, and I (William) will be playing and we will be using the Fell Knight and/or the Kadhah.

You can join here:

Today OnTableTop published an interview we recently had with Gerry and Ben. Alessio, Pam, and I (William) talk about the development of Lords of Vaala and some facts about the trajectory of Draco Studios and River Horse. You can watch it here:


That's all for now, we are very close to post the dedicated update for each of the expansions and more sneak peeks. We will stay in touch in the comments!

—Thank you for dragonbonding with us!

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