The Dawn of an Age of Sorrow

The Wounded Earth came to be because of the Miasma's arrival during the last stage of The Great War in October 1918. How or why is still a matter of debate among scholars and scientists. All we do know for sure is it first came in the shape of a all-pervading mist, immediately followed by a deadly illness that infected five hundred million people around the globe and, when it all was said and done, it caused the deaths of fifty million souls. This devastating malady went away as swiftly and as unexpectedly as it had come, leaving us all with many questions about what caused this new illness the experts have commited to their records as "Miasmic Influenza." Needless to say, it also left us dreading its return, as none of our most brilliant scientists or physicians had the faintest clue as to caused it or how to treat it.

So, after we fell victims to an illness far more contagious than the Black Plague, we then became victims to our fear of its eventual return.

Then, thirteen years later came the massive wave that wiped almost every other city along the Gulf of Mexico, and with it came the myths and nonsense ordinary people created around the hazy recollections of scientists who were flying over the area as the waters receeded to the point something was revelead on the seafloor.

In all seriousness, I remain convinced it all was the product of a mind shattered by the destruction left by the earthquake, recorded as 9.2 on the Richter scale... and the one they were about to witness as the tsunami struck the coast, as no one can remain unaffected after witnessing destruction in such as cataclysmic scale. Still, what I may hold as the truth or my opinions about the sanity of the aforementioned witnesses, matters not, for there is no doubt something was found under the waters and, if heresay and gossip are to be believed, then President Juan Galt knew exactly what it was before the expeditionary force arrived to the coordinates we now know Atlantis is located.

Whatever it may have really been that was lying there at the bottome of the ocean, the core of the matter remains it gave Galt and his "friend" Rex Rand the keys to attain almost global domination by way of technological progess and aggressive commerce, as the ubiquitous Rand Atomics Inc. was established and quickly set to take the world by storm with its revolutionary products.

All I know for sure is this: after we were victims of Nature's destructive forces, then we became victims to our thirst for forbidden knowledge and the high price we are still paying for it to this day.

Of this and the as of yet unrevealed consequences we will come to discover and regret when the time comes, I'm positive.

—Extract from Mario Lapalma's "A Memoir of The Eldritch Century."

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