The Miasma remains, steady and threatening.

We’ve launched a new campaign based on the world of Eldritch Century! Bring valiant adventurers and terrifying creatures to your game table with expertly sculpted STLs ready for printing (pre-supported and non-presupported files available) and learn the insidious force of the fog and the factions of the Wounded Earth through all-new stories from the fog.

Visit the campaign to see all the models reward levels we have available!

Launched today, funded in 1 hour, and with many Stretch Goal models coming!

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Our Kickstarter campaign “Eldritch Century - Miniatures and Tales” offers a great variety of 3D models that represent each of the playablepaths, along with a great number of monsters from the bestiary in the RPG books, which you can also get in the campaign in PDF format.

As usual, returning backers from any LAIR or Draco Studios campaign get extra perks: this time you get the Living Nightmares STL pack for free!

If you are not a returning backer, pledge now and you can expect some freebies in future projects!

We optimized the campaign keeping in mind backers who already have some or all previous STL models. So it is easy to locate which tier to choose.

Or if you are a new backer, you can get all Eldritch Century models (75+) with a $25 USD discount!

Visit the campaign description and download this free sample model to start printing!


Did you miss Eldritch Century Core Rulebook campaign?

This campaign is also a great opportunity for those who missed out on the Eldritch Century core Rulebook campaign. We are offering the Almanac and Expeditions books as add ons so you can play our game. Additionally, we added the Dossier book (formerly known as the starter set) and "The Darkest Hour” adventure as add ons for more RPG horror and fun. Bear in mind that these copies in our Kickstarter will be fully digital. But you can still join Draco Studios pre-orders for the physical ones here.

Pledge now!

While focused on these miniatures, the campaign also offers an anthology of short stories and a novel, each book telling stories from the Wounded Earth, as add ons.

You can join our Discord Server here to share and see 3D prints or join the talk.
You can join our Discord Server here to share and see 3D prints or join the talk.

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