Transmission Thursday: Boreal

Greetings, agents

Today we’ll focus on one of the stranger and rarer creatures one may encounter in the fog. Additionally, we’ have important announcements regarding your documents.


In the northern reaches of Finland, where cold dominates the land since long before the Miasma arrived, live a looming breed of Miasma horrors known to adventurers as Boreals.

A boreal is a humanoid standing at twenty feet tall, with the body mass to compensate for the height. Closer, stealthier inspection by some valorous agents has shed light on the composition of boreal bodies: humans whose mass has been exaggeratedly enlarged and filled with Miasmic tissue. The creature has adapted to the cold by attaching living beings to its body, making use of their body warmth. As the corpses it covers itself with go cold in death, a Boreal continues to seek more bodies to prevent freezing. Meanwhile, it keeps using its collection of bodies as armor, and often as weapons too.

Digital fulfilment

We sincerely hope you are enjoying your digital copy of our book. If you haven’t received an email with a link to get your own, please let us know at using the subject "Missing EC rewards".

The Book

All has been approved by our manufacturing partners at Panda, along with a slipcase for both books. We’re hoping that by January we’ll have a proper pre-production copy to be sure that we can get printing. While we’re not out of the woods yet, we’re hoping we can start printing before the Chinese New Year and get running for fulfilment.


The comic is swimming along. We've completed pencils for the last fifteen pages, taking us to the thirty page mark. We are very excited about its progress, so we wanted to share it with you. Inking is currently in progress.

The Darkest Hour

Our gameeam has taken a deep look at the encounters in our adventure, and we're getting close to a stage where editorial design can feel confident about digging in themselves. We've tried our best to make sure the horror comes through in the challenges and encounters and, honestly, it comes through. Eldritch Century isn't the sort of game where you run in and kill everything; sometimes the best idea is to run away. design t

Future projects

As we mentioned before, we’re working on a new 3D miniature and additional narrative digital campaign for Eldritch Century in collaboration with Lair team. Layouts and new sculpts are in progress. Be sure to keep an eye out for our social networks for more information. You can also join our Discord server for more direct conversation with our team, along with joining our community.

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