Transmission Thursday: Catching up

Agents, welcome back

After an incredibly successful Twitch experience with backers from our campaigns, we have more good news for you.

Expeditions & Almanac

Our pre-production copy has gone through the hands of everyone in the team and our feedback has been delivered to our manufacturing partners at Panda. We are really excited about the progress and the product.

Tomorrow we will receive the PPC of the slipcase in which you will receive your two books!

Darkest Hour

We’re implementing a new monster into our full adventure. We’re working on pitches on how best to implement it without changing the story entirely but ensuring the best experience overall. Can you guess the monster? Hint: It was in our STL and stories campaign, but it’s not featured in the bestiary from Almanac.

The Azure Owl

We have the first sketches for the cover of our comic! It’s really exciting to see it all come together.

Dossiers (Starter set)

We had a small software issue while building the Dossiers document. It has all been accounted for and the digital book should be ready for claiming soon (in a couple of weeks, tops).

Mountain camp by Darko Kreculj

A short update, but it’s important for us to keep you updated. After all, our community is key to our growth and success. Stories can’t be told if you don’t want to tell them and fun can’t be had if you’re not taken into account.

Remember that soon you’ll be able to see the entire Eldritch Century session we had over on Twitch in our YouTube channel. While that’s uploaded, have you seen our first Minerva transmission? It covers the Empire of the Eclipse and the base things you need to know about them!

We will be back next Thursday with another transmission and hopefully, great pictures of the slipcase.

Stay safe, agents!


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