Transmission Thursday: Dossiers cover / 13hrs left to get the new 3D models!

Welcome back, agents

This week's Transmission Thursday is arriving a little bit early to remind you about the last 24 hours to support the new Eldritch Century campaign with new 3D printable models and novels, in case you are interested.

But of course, we also have more news to share:

PDF reward (Expeditions & Almanac core books)

We have updated your PDF copy of the Almanac and Expeditions books. We applied a couple of changes we noticed in production and some notes you brought up in our discord or here in the comment section. All you need to do is download again from your library. There are not big changes but just in case you want to keep the most updated version. Some typos were fixed, some images had their color balance slightly adjusted, and the character sheet had 2 checkboxes marked so we fixed that.

Regarding the physical books: We have committed the changes and sent them to the factory, we expect to receive the new digital proofs in the coming week and to start mass manufacture in early February.

Dossiers (previously called starter set)

We’re at a stage with the Dossiers document where we feel comfortable to move forward with file preparation prior to digital fulfillment. We’ll let you know as soon as it is available.

Executioner Stalks, by Singhool Lim

3D printable miniatures and tales - 24 hours left

Our kickstarter campaign for STL sets and alternative narratives is still live for a few more hours. This is your chance to pick up new miniatures which you can 3D-print to add to your table and learn more about our world with the digital novels. Remember that as returning backers you’re guaranteed a free set of Living Nightmares STLs. The campaign has unlocked 13 stretch goals and you can get more than 90+ models to enhance your RPG sessions. Check the campaign here.

Stay safe, agents. We will be back soon!

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