Transmission Thursday: Making moves

Welcome back, agents

It’s been a week of hard work, but things are moving along. Our Expeditions and Almanac books have been returned to our manufacturing partners to be placed in the slipcase. Once the correct changes and details have been patched through, we should be ready to move on to production.

Darkest Hour

Any ideas on what monster it may be? We’ve discussed and detailed a few ideas we’ve worked out regarding the addition of the monster into our adventure. We had to stop design for a moment while we added the correct number of words and paragraph density, but all in good time.

Azure Owl

We have a work in progress for our cover. Take a look!

Work in progress by Singhooi Lim


We’ve reached what we hope is our final version of our design document for the Dossiers. Once we put together the necessary feedback, we’ll be ready to add it to fulfillment and post it on our store.


Remember last week’s session? It’s live in our Youtube channel. We’d really like to thank everyone at the table and in the chat room. We makes games because we like having fun, and the more our community grows, the more fun we can have together.

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