Transmission Thursday: New Dossiers incoming

Welcome back, agents

We hope that those of you who celebrate the Lunar New year had a really good time and set off for new beginnings. Despite the strength and diligence of the ox, the miasma remains. Here’s a few updates on where we are on the process. For one, the core rulebook is still in the hands of our manufacturing partners; now that the Lunar New Year celebrations are over, we can start with massive production.

Before we move on to the other rewards, here's a picture of the slipcase which will house your books.

Azure Owl

Originally, we were going to shut the door at page 30, but we figured the cliff-hanger we had could do with a little oomph, so we’re pushing a few more panels. The artist and Writer have made a few changes to the script, as usually goes. We took the decision to expand the comic because we are very grateful for your support in this campaign and the new one for the 3D printable files!

Darkest Hour

Design for the adventure is moving along. We had the writer pitch a new encounter where we could add one of our monsters from our STL campaign and his encounter allowed us to add two. That’s right. Two new monsters first ever featured in our adventure.


We have fixed a few issues that you pointed out on our Discord. Special thanks to user MFoxSG and WanderingMystic. Soon, we’ll upload an updated version of our dossiers.

We hope you are enjoying this journey as much as we are. We are thrilled to hear more from you in our social media and our Discord!

We have reached a considerably slower part of the process. From this update on, all new updates will come up every two weeks. Thank you all so much for your support.

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