Unlocking stretch goals faster!

Hello Dragonbonded!

We are delighted to be back with a very exciting update. Please keep reading and let us know your thoughts about the plan to unlock stretch goals faster. At the end of the update you will also find an exclusive preview too.

Let's get started!

Dragonbond: Lords of Vaala - positive reviews!

Last Friday, August 6th was a great day for this game! Three different channels analyzed this Kickstarter and the general consensus is VERY positive.

None of these were paid reviews so it was very exciting for us to watch.

  • GloryHoundd backed our project (welcome!)

  • Bower's Game Corner enthusiasm for the project throughout the critique was great and we took note to make minor adjustments that will come into effect this week.

  • Liege of Games chose our project as Pick of the Week #1

Here are the videos in case you would like to watch!

Feedback needed! - Stretch Goals plan

On Friday you unlocked the first stretch goal from stage 2 to add more miniatures into your free copy of Armies of Blood & Dreams!

Some of you are already aware about the stages of stretch goals but if you are not, please read carefully, WE WANT TO KNOW YOUR INSIGHT.

Stretch goals plan

At the beginning of the campaign we planned several stretch goals and grouped them in stages.

  • Stage 1: Gameplay content to Lords of Vaala base game (More Upgrade Cards)

  • Stage 2: Double the amount of minis in Armies of Blood & Dreams

  • Stage 3: New Gameplay content in Armies of Blood & Dreams & 2 mini-expansions in Legends of Valerna + New expansion unlocked as add-on (Nahuac relam + Coatl dragon)

  • Stage 4: Unique captain miniatures in Armies of Blood & Dreams

  • Stage 5: Printed cards and tokens in Armies of Blood & Dreams to make it a standalone game

We are doing everything to give you the best deal on Kickstarter already, because we want you to play the game and discover the universe of Dragonbond. We would like to give you even more. So while reaching stage 5 is a challenge, we want to give you TWO great Dragonbond games for your pledge.

In case you are wondering, the game that Armies of Blood & Dreams could become is what we have called in beta stage as Battles of Valerna, a miniatures wargame taking place in Dragonbond.

About gameplay content

We assure you that the expansions included in this campaign for Lords of Vaala add a ton of gameplay value to an already highly replayable game. So with the stretch goals in Stage 3 (Alternate generals, Draconic Offerings & Captains mini expansions and the new expansion of Nahuac realm & Coatl dragons brood) we know you will have a ton of player options to play Lords of Vaala without getting tired of it.

About components upgrades

We aim for the highest quality; that's how we like our games. Components already include premium finish such as linen and sturdy materials or plastic inserts because we want to focus the stretch goals on giving you more gameplay and more miniatures. We also have an oversized full-color rubber mat as add-on. However, we are hearing you. Some of you have let us know about your interest for metal, wooden, or plastic tokens to upgrade the cardboard tokens. For this, we are planning to include an add-on stretch goal in Backerkit after the campaign ends. This means that if enough backers add this deluxe pack to their pledge, we can make it a reality. Backerkit has this feature and the add-on is only charged if the add-on goal is met, otherwise, it is not charged; the goal is the target quantity needed from backers including that add-on into their pledge to meet the minimum print order from the factory.

Alternative to unlock stage 2 of stretch goals THRICE as fast

Earlier this weekend, we reviewed the progress of the campaign's funding rate.

Originally, in stage 2 we planned to give you 2 additional miniatures of each type (Allarian/Tyverian; Infantry-Ranged-Cavalry) with a different pose for each of the 12 original miniatures. At the end of stage 2 ($170,000 USD) you would receive 24 miniatures with alternate poses for each type. (Example: 4 Allarian cavalry being 2 of them in pose A and the other 2 in pose B; and so on for each type of Allarian and Tyverian unit).

The alternative we are exploring is represents finishing stage 2 three times faster but at the expense of not having them being alternate poses. So at $110,000 USD you would still have 24 miniatures (instead of 12), 4 of each type but without alternate poses within. (Example: all 4 Allarian cavalry would have the same pose, and so on for each type of Allarian and Tyverian unit).

⚠️ We want to hear your thoughts about it

⚠️⚠️⚠️ Let us know if you would be ok with having us make this change to the campaign. If that's the case, you are only $5,000 USD away from finishing stage 2 (and having 24 miniatures in your Armies of Blood & Dreams!) and that means that you already could consider your Allarian miniatures to be doubled (4 of each type instead of 2 of each type).

What about the alternate poses? We would still add those to the STL bundle for 3D printing (which all backers are getting for free). For the physical copy of Armies of Blood & Dreams we could re-consider that as a Stage 6 stretch goal if by any chance we have a lucky strike to exceed our highest expectations.

And how can we work together to exceed expectations and reach more stretch goals?

Introducing Community Goals to Lords of Vaala.

For this campaign we decided to make something fun on a daily basis to spread the word about this legendary game.

  • Every day at 5 PM (Central Time) we will count the progress of new shares, retweet, likes, and challenges.

  • Each interaction will earn 1 point of Vaala to the pool (Vaala points will count towards Stretch Goals with a limit of 1000, 2000, 3000 points per Stretch Goal (depending on the new funds needed to unlock the current stretch goal)

  • We will introduce new challenges every few days to keep it interesting and fresh.

This is how you can help, but of course, we are doing our part too with paid adverts, newsletters, and marketing opportunities that we planned prior to campaign launch for every week.

Let's start with a few easy challenges...

Community goals

Click in the banners below to complete each challenge

  • Every few days we will pin a new Facebook post. Sharing in a Facebook group (tabletop) with your thoughts regarding Lords of Vaala to start a conversation would be the most effective; sharing in your own profile is very helpful too. You can share multiple times to help more but we will only count 1 Vaala point per user (for each pinned post). Try sharing the current one:

  • Every few days we will pin a new Tweet. Try retweeting the current one:

  • By adding this label to your Kickstarter username you can raise awareness on Kickstarter. This is a respectful way of letting other backers know that you like our project whenever you engage in the comment section of similar projects you have backed, without deviating from topic. Try these images to change your profile picture if you would like it to match with your username.

  • Click on the heart icon of our BoardGameGeek project page to help us get into The Hotness list and increase visibility in the world's largest tabletop database. Just visiting the page helps us get into the Hotlist:

  • We started a Facebook group exclusively for Lords of Vaala! We want to keep in touch and hear your stories, see your pictures when you receive your rewards, or just to assist you if you need help.

We plan to stay in touch this week to keep you updated about the project, community goals, and stretch goals. If you would like to share anywhere else or use different assets, here's a folder with images of the art, painted min