Watch a painted Fai Hydra!

Hello Dragonbonded, Thank you so much for sharing your comments with us regarding the new stretch goals plan. We are delighted to announce that this stage 2 is about to finish! The stretch goal you unlocked at $95,000 USD was changed to include 6 more minis of Allaria and very soon you will unlock the 6 extra minis in Tyveria.

Afterwards we will start stage 3 of stretch goals to unlock alternate generals and other surprises! And we will certainly include alternate poses again if we are able to exceed stage 5 of stretch goals. We are also very excited to present a different kind of stretch goal to add more value to the Legends of Valerna expansion. If 1000 copies of Legends of Valerna are taken (the sum of the pledge levels $79, $120, $170, $320) we will add more content with new mini expansions: Draconic Offerings and Captains.

Upgrade your pledge to include Legends of Valerna to unlock more content in this expansion!

IMPORTANT: Legends of Valerna is an add-on that already exists. If this stretch goal is met, it will add more content to it. We will have a dedicated update soon to explore in detail all content from Legends of Valerna, Creatures of Valerna and the other add-ons. Would you like to see some great painted minis and chat with Pam? Join us to view the repeat of our weekly livestream at Facebook or YouTube.

Click to join Pam now in the repeat of our livestream!

Let’s keep pushing with the community goals! So far you have reached above 100 Vaala points that will count toward the next stretch goal to unlock!

Check the campaign description to learn how to participate with the community goals!

That’s all for now, but we will stay in touch in the comments after the livestream! Let us know your questions about Legends of Valerna so we can prepare the best dedicated update for the add-on and keep improving the project description. —Thank you for dragonbonding with us!

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