Wave 3 fulfillment starting soon

Hello Dragonbonded,

We come back to you with more news about the shipping and the progress we are currently making day by day.

Wave 2: fulfilled

USA has been fulfilled a couple of months ago.

Australia parcels were fulfilled in mid-January.

Europe parcels has been sent, we have requested our fulfillment partner the tracking numbers so we can assist you.

If you haven't receive your rewards, please contact us kickstarter@dracostudios.com with the subject Missing DRM rewards and we will assist you. We have requested tracking numbers to our partners and asked them to send tracking numbers to you but as usual with some projects' fulfillment, sometimes this step is skipped for reasons only our fulfillment partners know.

Wave 3 - Freight shipping starting

We have finished with production, quality, and packaging for the 3rd wave. Today, the cartons have been picked by the freight shipping partner, ready to be palletized and exported to our fulfillment partners.

Fulfillment should start by late February. You will receive an email notification from Backerkit to update your mailing address in case it has changed (if it hasn't, no further action is needed).

Wave 4 - Manufacture in progress

This time, we started with production of all the extras (busts, breath weapons, scenic bases, battle scar parts) all of them are finished and Draco Forge is completing the dragons. Here's the current status:

  • Aureus: 8/52

  • Kuxcoatl: 60/97

  • Sivax: 2/55

  • Nixis: 34/54

  • Baastherox: 45/69

  • Rawraxxa: 9/50

  • Dehrilya: 32/66

  • Extras: 312/312

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