Welcome to our tribe

Here at LAIR and Draco Studios we constantly look for better, more engaging ways to take our games from our heads to your tables. So when our friends at MyMiniFactory told us about Tribes, of course we climbed on board. After all, we want to create the Dragonbond universe with you, not just create cool models. Everything we create here, we create together.

By now you are probably pretty knowledgeable with monthly subscription-reward systems. You pay for a sub and you get rewards every month until you rescind your subscription. We’re trying to do things a bit differently, in a way that challenges us as a team and gives you more intriguing content. Here’s how it works.

When you join our tribe you get monthly Dragonbond content as it is created and before it is released. Your intro pack includes 8 miniature STLs for 3D printing along with their RPG stats, these are some of our most impressive models ever: our Dragonriding characters. Then of course you also get monthly packs with STL models for 3D printing, and their relevant RPG content.

Every three months make up a season. At the start of each season (month 1), we will give you a whole new adventure to run with your gaming table. Then, starting from the first month of the season and ending with the third month, all the additional rewards in the shape of 3D printable STLs and RPG content are linked to the core adventure.

Every month, you will get one STL for a large or huge monster, along with one of a smaller creature, both linked to the adventure. Both creatures will have three stat blocks with different Challenge Ratings so that you can add them to any other campaign you may be interested in running. The smaller creature will usually be part of a squad. You will also get one STL for a named NPC featured in the adventure with information regarding their personality and a stat block. Finally, you will get a file with supplementary rules to the 5th edition rules of the world’s most famous role playing game so as to better adapt to Dragonbond. Lather, rinse, repeat.