What's happening in the patient zone?

Hi Dodino Island. How are you?

As we already told you in the update #41, we're running in the patient zone. The production process still is going on. We eager to receive the Mass Production Copy to share it with you, maybe this week Panda give us a delivery date.

While there are no news for production some of you have been asking for the shipping dates, and while we have shared in past projects about delivery date being pushed, we prepared a visual dodino run with our updated timeline.

inishing development and prepress took longer than expected so, we the project is delayed (which was mentioned in past updates) but now we have this updated timeline and we can assure you the game you receive will be worth the wait, the foil mat and the revisions on the component samples helped us shape a better game. While this is not a 12 month delay like our friends from Chicken Island, it is still almost 6 months, so we are committed to keep improving and deal with shorter delays in future projects.

There haven't been any issues in the production process... so keep your claws crossed. Rrroooaaarrr!!!



Ok, ok, you win, we have something to show you. Do you remember this video?

We received the updated sample with the proper colors; first time, the factory sent both dice in the same tone of blue, while we promised different-colored dice. Please take a look.

Meanwhile, in the Kiwi Island

So, since there are not a lot of news to share at this moment, we want to show you some samples for Kiwi Chow Down.

Our 3D sculptor Heriberto has finished the Kiwi leaders and Adrian printed 2 of them. Each leader has a unique ability and they are very powerful. If you use it in the right moment, it could be a game changer during that round. We'll talk more about the gameplay very soon, for now, take a look to this sneak peek.

Burbus name is a placeholder

Which would be the right name for this Kiwi leader?

Feel free to propose names for these leaders in the comments section! We would love to have these characters named by you, our dear backers! Who knows? Maybe some of them will have a card to play in other game titles from Creature Kingdoms...

Remember, if you want to test Kiwi Chow Down on Tabletopia or Tabletop Simulator, join Draco Studios Discord server and stay tuned for news in some weeks. We already have a bunch of Kiwi contenders, we are updating the last topics with the simulation interface and we'll start the play dates very soon!!! Stay tuned.

Shoutout to another Draco Studios universe

As you know, Dodos Riding Dinos, War for Chicken Island, and Kiwi Chow Down are part of Draco Studios' universe Creature Kingdoms. But Draco Studios has other universes Eldritch Century and Dragonbond. If you are into 3D printing, take a look at the new Dragonbond release for 3D printable miniatures for an upcoming Dragonbond wargame.

Cick to visit campaign


See you soon roooarmy!!!

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