What’s Numenera?

The world has changed once more, and with it, its inhabitants. Abhumans, mutants, and engineered creatures now roam the Steadfast and the Beyond. Whether shaped by the Numenera that continues to transform the world or the result of construction and human ingenuity from worlds before us, the Ninth world’s people now seek to survive all danger and thrive. Nevertheless, the proof of action and involvement of forces from Earth or beyond are everywhere: impossible landscapes or kingdom-sized ruins.

Numenera is a tabletop RPG, by Monte Cook Games, that takes place billions of years after this society has died off, in this setting, there have been 9 major cataclysmic events. Now humans are no longer the only sentient species on Earth, which is now called Numenera, and technology is considered magic by people who have average or lower intelligence (what many can consider a wizard shooting death beams from his staff is probably some nut with a laser cannon).

In Numenera the character is created by making a simple sentence describing who they are and what they do, for example:

R-TFax is an Artificially Intelligent Nano, who absorbs energy.

The sentence consists of a name, class, and trait, which I will go into more detail.

Descriptor: this is a defining characteristic of your character like Fabulous(this is an actual descriptor). This will give you passive abilities and bonuses.

Class: you pick one of three classes: Glaive, Jack, and Nano. Glaives are your fighters/barbarians, the damage dealers, and they focus on the might stat. Jacks are rogues/thieves they focus on speed. Nanos, are your wizard/mage class and they focus on Intellect.

Trait: This is where your character can get interesting, from the example earlier, Absorbs Energy, this descriptor turned R-TFax into a "magic" based Paladin of sorts, by allowing it to give stored energy to allies, or turn it against foes.

Stats: Your stats consist of three stat pools, Might, Speed, and Intellect, these stat pools are also your health, when one stat pool falls to zero you go down the damage track and it gets a little harder for you, all three hit zero and you're dead. Using abilities consumes points, and some attacks target stat pools.

Dice Rolls: In Numenera, when you roll a D20, you're rolling to beat a set number, you get an idea for how high a number you're trying to beat through levels.

But this is just the basics, the true experience of Numenera can only be achieved by playing it, so head over to your gaming table, gather a group of brave explorers, and delve into the depths of the Ninth World by yourself. Download that core rulebook right here.

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