Your free expansion became a standalone game!

Hello dragonbonded! You did it! Thanks to your support and suggestion, we were able to unlock one of the most exciting Stretch Goals in this campaign:

Click to learn more about this new gameNote: the dice included in the wargame starter are different to the dice from Lords of Vaala (except for 1) in case you are still interested in getting the extra dice add-on. With 5 hours left, we can still get closer to the stretch goal that will allow us to accelerate development for new dragon broods and realms. It's important to note that even if we don't reach $250.000, the closer we get to it, the easier for us to find a way to make it happen in the pledge manager in another way.

You can upgrade your pledge level if you want any of the add-ons (but you will still be able to do this in the Pledge manager, which will open in October and close in March). We also introduced a new pledge level at $145 to include the Big Box of Holding + deluxe components. The box will be designed to store the base game + all expansions revealed in this campaign (including the new realms and new broods). We are considering the option with the factory to include everything already stored in the box for those who plan to go all-in in this pledge level, which most likely affect shipping fees positively (fewer separate items and weight). But we would like to remind you about the best way to help, by spreading the word in social media for new backers to join while also getting a collective pool of points that will count toward the last stretch goal: Community goals.

Try sharing in a tabletop group for best results! Please help us spread the word about this project delivering 2 games for just $49! Join us in our last livestream for the campaign! We are playtesting the new captains expansion (just unlocked in the Legends of Valerna add-on!) in a 4-player game with Alessio, Jack, Daniel, Gabo and me. Livestream Rep. here:

We will be back with another update after the campaign ends! But before wrapping up this update, we would like to share this video from Room and Board which featured Lords of Vaala as a great game to back! The idea of featuring campaigns ending soon instead of just launched is very fresh! If you liked it, give the channel some love by subscribing, we loved the pace and energy!

—— That's all for now! Let's have the strongest possible end of campaign and get as close as possible to the new add-on. Join us now in our game session being livestreamed and help us spread the word about this project and complete community goals! —Thanks for dragonbonding with us!

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