Welcome to Dralore

A land of magic, arcane nature and fantastic peoples, of adventure and glory, ever besieged by dragons. Every twenty-seven years, these flying gargantuan creatures come down from the nearby planet known as the Red Moon to feed on Khrasafq, the cosmic energy that binds all together. Khrasafq’s Primordials crafted the planet and set the future in motion with the casting out of Kadmos, the Primordial Dragon.

Only those of excellence –those willing to see dragons as more than predators, and the dragons willing to see them as more than prey– can bind their lives, fates and energies together. These Dragonbonded have shaped the history of Dralore, a land that has proved time and again that it’s people, not gods, who shape their fate.

Dragons of the Red Moon

The Red Moon, being in truth a Dralorian misnomer for the planet of Drakha, is the residence to the Great Wyrms. Kadmos, the first dragon in existence, kept a great desire to make more beings of its likeness, achieving it through a rare fission process. Each new dragon was unique in their own way, and from them, in time, 33 broods conquered every corner of the Red Moon.

The Great Wyrms, direct descendants from Kadmos, rule their own broods and pursue their ideals and desires. Draconic offspring and dragonkin are usually present on the Great Wyrms’ lair but each and every brood retains singularities which differentiate them from the rest. 

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