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On a tiny volcanic island, chickens struggle for dominance over other clans.


Legendary chickens lead their kin to war, striving to become King of Chicken Island by humiliating other leaders in front of the clans. Whoever manages to become the most respected chicken in battle shall wear the crest crown and rule – not for long.


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There are eight tower cards with different colored flags and roofs and six miniatures, why are there two more cards?

Game balance requires the number of cards to exceed the corresponding miniatures. Towers do not necessarily have to contain the same amount of cards.

Is it possible to request a replacement? Some cards have arrived in a different language from that of my pledge, which is Italian.

We have a small situation with our Italian version where some of our cards have been published in English. We are aware of this issue and we promise we will improve for the upcoming editions. Thank you for understanding.

What are the egg shields for?

The acrylic shield tokens were changed for the egg shields.

Why does the game have meeples?

Meeples can be placed in the board and you can place the cardboard markers in the piloted machine's card. They are optional.

When  creating the board, each player only chooses one territory tile; you don’t use all of them?

Correct, you don't use all the territory tiles, just one per player.

When playing scroll cards during combat, if player A chooses not to play a scroll card, then Player B after them plays one, may Player A play a scroll card?

The rules state that play continues clockwise until all players are done, so yes, player A may play a card even though they didn't play one last time. The round continues until all players have passed consecutively without playing cards, so for example, if you play a card, I don't and then you play another card, I can play a card if I wish to. If I don't, you may play again or pass.  

When resolving effects after combat do you draw one card at a time, or the total amount

from scrolls?

In the example from our test above,  Player A played 2 scrolls that allowed them to draw 3 cards at the end of combat.

Is there a preferred way to keep track of which chickens are piloting which machines?

While banding, only one unit should remain on the tiles (if it is a piloted soldier, the chicken pilot remains). All other banding chickens or minis are removed and placed in your personal zone with their pilots on their cards. You can vertically align the cards from all banded units and hexes in your personal zone to mark they all are banding.

Scroll cards can be played during combat or when otherwise specified.  How do you know which scroll cards can be played out of combat?

Catastrophe cards are played as soon as they are drawn. 

Strategy cards (permanent; limit of 1) can be played during the Take actions step of the active player's turn or during combat (face down). Magic cards can only be played in combat unless that card specifies another time to play; then, it can only be played at the specified time. 

Can a unit without movement be teleported?

Yes, as long as their destination is a legal hex.

If a scroll (teleport) that is played during combat moves the unit out of range of the attack does the attack resolve?

Teleport indicates it should be played at the end of your turn. But to answer your question (which can be caused by the Kickstarter exclusive card Place Exchange), the combat still resolves and takes place. The attack has already started in a legal way, only the last step (Scroll cards) is being resolved.

Do the pilots start on your base or do they start as resources and come into play once you buy a machine?

If someone kills or destroys a machine or pilot, the chickens will "die" and you can recover them as you recover resources, depending on your strategy.

Can the Mecha Dragon end it's turn on a lava tile?

Yes! It can. Any unit or leader that can walk in lava can end their turn there without any harm. However, eruption cards still destroy them if they are adjacent to the chosen tile.

Do leaders suffer if a volcano explodes next to them?

Leaders adjacent to an exploding volcano lose shield markers but are not destroyed.